Where it begins…

Welcome to Stories of Adventure

Myself (India) and Cole have started a joint venture of our travel blog so we can document and share our experiences of our times travelling around the world, one venture at a time. We both have experience in travelling with Cole last year cycling around Majorca and myself inter-railing around Europe, so therefore with both of us having a lust for travel we wanted to start seeing the world together. So in 2016 our journey has begun!

So far in 2016 we’ve explored


The Peak District

The Wirral and North Wales

Taking in the views at Loggerheads, North Wales

With our highlight of the year still yet to come, when we begin our adventure on the 27th August, to the beautiful country of Norway! We have booked our flights from London and plan to spend 2 nights in Oslo, the capital of Norway, allowing us plenty of time to take in the sights and dive into the culture.

After we’ve explored the city, we have decided to hire a car for the remaining part of our trip and begin to explore and take in the breathtaking sights Norway has to offer. From here we will be wild camping, something I have never done, and while I love going on adventures and experiencing new countries, I must admit to being a little skeptical. Cole, on the other hand, may as well be Tarzan, and will be completely at ease with the wild camping and will love being at one with nature.

However, once booking I’ve been addicted to reading blogs, searching Instagram, and watching YouTube videos, and am now excited to be sharing my experience of Norway with you and I can’t wait to pitch our tent and wake up to the best views anyone could ask for with Cole!

Our aim is not only to share our memories but to inspire individuals or couples like ourselves to go out and see the world like those who have inspired us to do the same.

The Peak District, Edale.
Not enjoying Edinburgh Cole?


Me and the peaks



See you soon

India and Cole!


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