A quick getaway

For Easter, while both enjoying our break from university (and celebrating our anniversary), I and Cole decided to pack our bags and head off on a quick city break to Edinburgh!

A little insider knowledge – Cole is from Edinburgh and therefore was a perfect excuse to have a little holiday, and to meet his dad (palms sweating!). The few days away were lovely and the city of Edinburgh had a rich history, natural beauty, and adventure. We were non-stop from the minute we arrived to the minute we left.

Day 1

Cole had already arrived in Edinburgh the day before me so he could spend some time with his dad and go mountain biking! So, I set off from London Luton Airport at 8:15 am (sipping on a much-needed ginger latte from Joe and the Juice), and arrived in Edinburgh shortly after to be greeted by Cole and a bunch of flowers- he has been taught well!


We were staying with Cole’s dad and were just a short train journey from the city centre. So once having a quick tea and putting my bags down, we headed off to explore the wonders of Edinburgh. Our first point of call was the famous Edinburgh Castle, and we were even lucky enough to just catch the 1’o’clock gun and had a taste of their locally produced toffee sauce!


After this, we wandered around taking in the sights, but we decided that a good way to see the whole city was to jump on the open top bus and have a guided tour. We saw so much more of Edinburgh that we wouldn’t have had the chance to see, so would definitely recommend doing that, although it was a little chilly! After this, we rubbed Grey Friars Bobby’s nose for luck, had a quick drink in Frankenstein’s bar and went for dinner at Mother India, an Indian tapas restaurant.


Day 2

After catching up on some sleep from our previous day exploring, we headed back into the city centre and headed towards Dynamic Earth. We went through a bubbling volcano, crashed into a tropical rainforest and faced the chill of the arctic ice (much more interesting than any geography lesson I ever had, and I probably learnt more!)


Once surviving all that, we headed to the Parliament building for some lunch in order to gain some energy before climbing to the top of Arthur’s seat. Despite the huffing and puffing walking up, the views from the top were amazing, we had a 360 view of the whole of Edinburgh!


Day 3

Today was my highlight, we went to Edinburgh zoo! We were even lucky enough to see the only two pandas that are in the UK. We were unable to book online to see the pandas as it said that it was fully booked (at this point we were a bit gutted) but when we got to the zoo we asked and they had plenty of spaces, so if anyone visits and wants to see the pandas, ask just in case, as you don’t want to miss out on these cuties! However, Cole now calls me a panda as he claims I’m as clumsy as them? Is this a compliment or should I be taking offence to looking like a panda?


Once we finally managed to pull ourselves away from the zoo, we were off out to celebrate with dinner and drinks in Edinburgh. All dressed up we headed to Tigerlily, a boutique hotel, bar and restaurant. With over 150 cocktails to choose from it was going to be a long (and very drunk) night making our way through the list!


The place had such a buzz and the food was incredible. We had also heard that there was a club called Lulu’s underneath, which was part of Tigerlily, so once we had finished our dinner we headed down to dance it off and show the people of Edinburgh how it’s done!

Day 4

Our trip had come to an end and after such an amazing time in Edinburgh, we were safe to say that we both had a serious case of holiday blues. The city had so much to offer and to do, and will be returning again in the future!


India and Cole!


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