A Weekend in the Peaks

This year my birthday was annoyingly right in the middle of my exam period at university! So me and Cole decided that rather than going out, we were going to head to the Peak District, go on a hike and have a picnic when we’ve reached the top.

The days leading up to our trip, the weather was looking terrible and walking the peaks in the pouring down rain wasn’t so appealing. However, thankfully on the day the sun was shining and I actually got burnt (the rain may of actually been appreciated when we were half way up the steep hill).


We were staying in a hotel just outside where we aimed to walk so we had to jump on the train from Chesterfield to Edale. We was already experiencing the beauty of the Peak District on the train and we were both getting excited to start our hike up the hills!


To no surprise 20 minutes into our walk we was lost and definitely not on the Kinder Scout route which we had intended to do. We was too busy eating scotch eggs and running through the fields of sheep! So after making an executive decision to turn back, we was finally on track to the top.

Half way up!
All black clothes + sun + hiking up a hill = hot hot hot

Eventually, we made it and the view was amazing!

We made our way down (myself having a few slips and scaring Cole), and was sipping ice cold drinks at the pub before heading back to Chesterfield on the train.


This part of England was so picturesque and it was such a good birthday day out with Cole.

Hotel: The Peak Edge Hotel (http://www.peakedgehotel.co.uk/)

See you on our next trip, India and Cole!




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