Fun, Sun and Getting Lost

This weekend, I hopped on the train up to Mansfield to visit Cole, as this is where he is currently doing his work placement for University. As I didn’t get in till late, Friday evening consisted of eating pizza and watching the Rio Olympics opening ceremony!


Waking up well rested Saturday morning, we aimed to go to Welbeck Abbey Estate, as this is where the Creme De La Creme UK cooking series was recorded! And after seeing how beautiful it was on the television, we wanted to see with our own eyes. But after driving around the estate very lost for about 20 minutes, we parked up and decided to walk to see if we could find the main attraction on foot. Still with no one to be seen anywhere, we assumed we was either in the wrong place or utterly lost!

But finally, we found a gate which we think lead to Welbeck Abbey (but it wasn’t open), and then suddenly a voice come over the speaker saying that we was trespassing!! I think this was the most illegal thing I had ever done, not so sure about Cole though… joking!


After rushing back to the car, we had to reconsider our plans for the day as it was not even 1 o’clock in the afternoon. Looking online we found Newstead Abbey, which was 30 minutes from our current location. Following the sat nav we were lead to another closed gate (us and abbeys were not mixing well that day!), but after speaking to a cyclist who recommended parking here and walking down, we parked the car and headed off. It was good we parked where we did as it was £6 to park in the car park on site. The walk was around 20 minutes and was very scenic on such a sunny day, so therefore we was there in a flash.


We had a quick lunch at the cafe which was there, and headed off to explore the historic house and glorious gardens that were surrounding. However this may of turned into a mini water fight, Cole getting stung a million times and generally messing around as we do often!

We sunbathed on the grass before heading back to the car and back to the house in time for dinner and our trip to the cinema. Despite our day not going according to plan, we had an even better one and was made even better with the beauty Newstead Abbey provided.

Until next time,

India and Cole!


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