Let the countdown commence!

Myself and Cole are heading to Norway in only 4 days! So I thought I’d share with you our plans and what main areas of Norway we wish to see.

Our flight is quiet late on Saturday, and do not arrive into Oslo until 22:50pm, so we are booked into a hotel for the first 2 nights of our trip in order to have plenty of time to see the sights of Oslo. We are staying in the Comfort Hotel Xpress Central Station, so it is perfect for location in the heart of Oslo.

On Monday the 29th, we have planned to pick up our rental car and begin our journey around Norway, were we plan to wild camp. Our plan is to drive along the south coast of Norway towards Stavanger, head up towards Bergen and then slowly back to Oslo, with a few stops for pictures and nights camping in wonderful locations.

Our top sights we wish to see are:

  • Trolltunga
  • Pulpits rock
  • Potholes in Brufjel
  • Tysdalsvatnet
  • kjerag

We are wild camping and exploring Norway for 8 nights and will return to Oslo for 1 remaining night before flying back to the UK on the 6th September. I can’t wait to share with our followers our memories and experiences beautiful Norway has to offer, I will be keeping a journal of our adventure, so I will make sure I miss nothing out when sharing with you all!


Last weekend, we decided that we should test out all of our camping gear before we head off (and realise something is broken or useless!). My parents are both keen campers, and to our advantage they were already off camping themselves, so we decided to pack our bags and squeeze ourselves on their pitch. However, they had electric hook up, with blow up beds, a radiator, and fridge, while we had a tent, roll mat and a sleeping bag. Although we did get to use their facilities, we unfortunately will not be getting that treatment in Norway.


We arrived and straight away went on a dog walk, and nipped to see my dad who was fishing at the lake. We thought this was also the perfect time to break in our new shoes before we get to Norway and have to deal with the pain of blisters! But all was good with our new shoes, and no blisters in sight.

Once finishing our walk, we grabbed some drinks and snacks and headed back to the lake to join my dad fishing (well my dad fished and we watched and sipped cider). Cole for his birthday got a lay bag, which is a bag which inflates using only the wind. Its such a good invention as it packs away neatly and provides a very comfy seat, but I must admit its taken a few attempts in order to put it up, but its well worth it in the end.

To our surprise my dad caught a fish while we were all there after not having much luck all day, so we was all very excited to see my dad in action and a big fish up close!


After all the excitement of catching a fish, we headed back, put up our tent, and lit the BBQ. Camping and being outside is so enjoyable during the summer and is such a nice way to spend a sunny weekend. The fun continued into the evening with bingo, a quiz and a live band around a fire pit that they had at the campsite.


It rained through out the night, which was good as we got to test how waterproof our tent was. And when we woke we were both pleased with how our first night in our tent went. And now the next time we will sleep in our tent will be somewhere in Norway, with I’m sure a breathtaking view!

Until next time,

India and Cole


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