Climbing Kjeragbolten

This was by far my favorite hike of the whole trip (although closely followed by Trolltunga)! I had seen so many images of people standing on top of the boulder, surround by the most amazing view. So from seeing the first picture, I knew it was a must when we went to Norway!

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Driving on the Winding Roads of Norway

As you know, we rented a car while travelling Norway, and I thought I’d share with you our time driving, some tips regarding the roads and general information about driving in Norway. We were lucky enough to rent a Citroen DS3 which came with a GPS system, heated seats, and lots of room for all our stuff!

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All the way to Flekkefjord

We had spent 2 nights in Oslo and we had packed again and was ready to set off on our road trip around Norway. We had hired a car through the car rental company, Avis. For a week the car was not too pricey, but because we were both under 25 we had two additional young driver surcharges, which added on a considerable amount. However, myself and Cole both agreed we’d have much more freedom and flexibility to do what we wish if we had a car rather than using other modes of transport, and also between the two of us it did not seem bad, price wise.

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London to Norway

Finally, the day has arrived that we set of to Norway for our first adventure to begin! After months of seeing posts on Instagram, videos on YouTube and posts on various blogs, we finally get to experience the wonders we have dreamt about for ourselves.

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