London to Norway

Finally, the day has arrived that we set of to Norway for our first adventure to begin! After months of seeing posts on Instagram, videos on YouTube and posts on various blogs, we finally get to experience the wonders we have dreamt about for ourselves.


We checked our bags in at the airport, quickly made it through security and had a quick dinner before getting on the plane for the short flight to Oslo Rygge Airport. It was cheaper for us to fly to an airport a little further out than the main airport in Oslo (Ryan-air flights £30 return!! We could not resist). Once we had landed we headed for the coach that would take us to the center of Oslo. The bus took 60 minutes and cost us 360NOK for the both. It was late so we slept most of the way so the journey went very quick! Our hotel we had planned to stay at was just outside central station so it did not take us long to locate the hotel and it wasn’t long before we were sleeping soundly in what seemed liked the world’s most comfy bed!

We woke to a bit of a grey, drizzly day but we were ready and raring to explore Oslo, so we were up and out of the hotel. Oslo and the people instantly felt welcoming and we both knew we would love this city. We headed up Karl Johans Gate (the main street in Oslo), lusting after all the clothes in little boutiques, we were already planning to spend our remaining money when we returned in a week! We grabbed breakfast in a little cafe and headed up to the palace.

The palace grounds were open so we were able to walk around for a while. Heading back down we walked towards the dock and turned left towards the fortress castle towards the opera house. We stopped in the opera house for a coffee and Cole a hot chocolate (a little holiday routine we got into) and headed up to walk on the roof!


I really loved this about the opera house, it was very different that you were able to walk up on the roof and it was an amazing view from the top too.


After walking so much our little stomachs were grumbling and we decided it was time for a lunch break. We had heard that Norway was very expensive, in particular Oslo but we had set aside some money for Oslo so we were not too worried about the cost of food over these two days. We had seen a nice place to eat while walking around so we decided to eat there. The cafe was called The Cathedral and it was mainly pizza, you could even have reindeer! We opted for the less adventurous option with ham and pineapple and chicken with pesto (so much for trying the local cuisine).


Now with full belly’s we were ready to see some more of Oslo. We went back down to the dock and wandered down the opposite direction to the fortress, were a car event seemed to be being held so it was very busy and had a bit of a buzz. The pier was very modern and lined with nice restaurants, quirky bars and dreamy flats. We reached the end and saw a little man made beach so out of curiosity for the upcoming week regarding washing we tested the temperature of the water.


We spent the rest of the afternoon wandering aimlessly taking in the modern city and the culture, before having dinner and heading back to our hotel. Myself and Cole both loved Oslo, it was very clean, modern, and relaxed and we were looking forward to returning in the next week after our time exploring the rest of Norway.


Next up, picking up our car, the long boring E18, the beautiful Flekkefjord and our first night wild camping!

See you soon,

India and Cole






3 thoughts on “London to Norway”

  1. Hey, guys, myself and my girlfriend have just come back from Oslo and it is a beautiful place. Did you manage to check out the Vigeland Sculpture Park? We had a dabble at skiing but what a disaster that turned out to be. New follower!


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