All the way to Flekkefjord

We had spent 2 nights in Oslo and we had packed again and was ready to set off on our road trip around Norway. We had hired a car through the car rental company, Avis. For a week the car was not too pricey, but because we were both under 25 we had two additional young driver surcharges, which added on a considerable amount. However, myself and Cole both agreed we’d have much more freedom and flexibility to do what we wish if we had a car rather than using other modes of transport, and also between the two of us it did not seem bad, price wise.


We were to pick the car up in Oslo city at 12pm, so we headed to cafe to have a hearty breakfast before a week camping and hiking. We stopped at a cafe called ‘Kaffebrenneriet’, and did we fill up, we had hot chocolate, coffee, croissants, you name it we had did! It was delicious, we were already saying we should come back next week to eat it all again! I would highly recommend these cafes, I noticed they were a chain brand around Oslo, with many cafes around the city.


After well and truly filling our boots, we walked over to the rental garage. We had only arranged to hire a small little car such as a VW polo, or KA, but to our surprise they handed over the keys of a new citron DS3! Both very excited we went down to the car pack and saw the car (which we nicknames Daisy for the trip), and saw that we had a sat-nav and a USB point! The sat nav was a god send as we were planning to map read, which would have proved very difficult when we started our journey, so we were extremely lucky to get such luxuries.


We both drive, but I have not been behind the wheel in almost a year, so Cole did the honors of taking the first shift. It was funny because everything was the opposite side for us, I think Cole was even a little nervous if you were to ask him about driving on the opposite side of the road!

But  finally, we were on the road! Our aim for the first day was to make our way towards Flekkefjord, along the south coast, and camp around there for the night as there was a hike close by that we wished to do the following day. This was one of the longest drives of our trip, a grueling 6 hours. We were hoping that the scenery would pass the time, but it was majority motorway so unfortunately we didn’t get to see much that day, but we were singing along (me very badly, while Cole caught 40 winks) to make the journey go quicker.


Our excitement to explore  forced us to stop a long the way at various points and we came across some really cool points! These little stop offs both made us really thrilled to be on this journey together in such an amazing country and we couldn’t wait to start all of things we had planned.

Here we also swapped drivers and it was my turn to take on the roads! I must admit I did make a few driving mistakes, such as practically parking in the middle of the road, hats off to Cole for risking his life with me! However, we are still alive so my driving wasn’t that bad…


We continued along the E18 until we reached Flekkefjord and found our first wild camping spot. It was a beautiful evening so we pitched our tent, unrolled our roll mats and sleeping bags, and were perched on top of a rock sharing a tin of mackerel and a chocolate bar, while the sun was setting. What else could you ask for?


It was so peaceful, and we debated a late night swim but we were both knackered so we crawled into our little tent and got in our sleeping bags. Later on I unzipped the tent door to see my view again, and I can’t describe how nice it was, it was like a picture, and then to add on top of this the amount of stars in the sky! I will never forgot how clear the skies were through out our trip and how amazing it was too see so many stars.

Until next the next story,

India and Cole!


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