Norway’s famous Preikestolen

Preikestolen, or also known as the Pulpits Rock, is one of Norway’s most famous tourist attraction. The top of the hike is a square formation that hangs 604 metres above Lysefjord, offering a spectacular view of the majestic fjords. Unfortunately for us, due to the weather we did not get the chance to see the view, instead we were surrounded by a paper white mist! It was by far the busiest hike we had done whilst in Norway but this was expected.


The hike was fairly easy as a path was laid out with rocks and stones, which made for flat paths and easy climbs. Even with sore legs from the previous day’s hike we shoot up Preikstolen! Overall the hike took us roughly 4 hours to complete, including lunch and pictures.


Everyone doing the hikes was so friendly in Norway and when you pass people, everyone said hello.

At the top it was very busy, with lots of people trying to get pictures, having lunch, or even letting their friends dangle them over the edge (Yes, dangle over a 604-metre drop! What people do for a picture!). It was also very wet and very cold, so we ate our sandwiches quick and headed to find someone who would be so kind to take a picture of us. After a few minutes, we found someone and we were on the edge posing for the camera!


After this, we started the hike back down. While hiking we experienced every weather going! Rain, sun, wind, you name it, we had it, so we were forever putting on and taking off our waterproofs throughout the hike, but once we had almost reached the bottom the weather started to clear. It felt busier on the way down and it was almost single file towards to end.


4 hours later, and 3.8 km each way, we had completed the famous Preikestolen! We decided to warm up with a hot chocolate and a sandwich (one of the best sandwiches ever may I add) in the cafe that was there before we got back in the car and headed off to our next destination.



Overall, it was a rather easy hike compared to others, and very busy, but it’s a nice hike to a good viewing platform. I wish the weather had cleared for us so we could take in the view, but it was also cool that we were basically stood in a cloud and had a completely blank canvas in front of us!

Until next time

India and Cole






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