Rain, Rain, Go Away

With only a few days left of our trip around Norway, we had completed all of our planned hikes and had decided to head to Voss.


We had read in my Norway guide book that if you want water sports and thrill seeking activities this is the place to go! So we packed up our stuff (in the rain…again!) and started the drive to Voss. It was only a short drive, compared to others, so we were there quite early. However the rain persisted, and we could not find anywhere to park that was over a 2-hour maximum, and all this mixed together equals an unhappy India! Yes, I may have been a little grumpy on this day…

But despite the rain, we decided that we should have a look around the town, so we headed down the high street until we found a cafe to shelter from the rain for a while. The hot chocolate in the cafe in Voss was not high up on Cole’s Hot Chocolate scale, so we ventured back out.


Unsure of what to do we went to the visitors center to get some inspiration. I was really keen to do kayaking along the fjords, but due to the weather we decided that this was probably not the best idea. We found that there was a hotel nearby with a swimming pool and jacuzzi, and with both of us needing warming up we decided that this is what we were going to do. Despite this activity not being entirely adventurous of us, it was much needed to lift our spirits.


We spent an hour or two relaxing in the pool. It was so nice just to be able to chill for a few hours, as while wild camping and hiking is amazing, it is definitely tiring and hard work.  So after a little bit of R&R, we got back in the car and decided that Voss is not the place for us and went in search of another destination.

While our moods may have been down in Voss, it was still a beautiful place (even in the rain). I would return in order to experience the true Voss, with all its activities, but only if the weather was better.

Hats off to Cole for putting up with me and my little unhappy self, he is a star!

Next stop, Flam!

Until next time,

India and Cole


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