How Do You Overcome Holiday Blues?

This is perhaps one of the hardest things about coming home from any holiday – the holiday blues! When it’s all over, and you are heading back to work, school or even just to a big pile of washing thinking about how you wish you was still there.

With Norway being such an exciting, thrilling trip it was unusual to come home to England and not be hiking up a mountain every day or snuggling down into our sleeping bags after watching the stars. Cole was heading back to work the following day and our adventure all seemed like a distant memory.

I was not heading back to University until a week or two later, so I had some time to fill or I’d be spending the whole time under my duvet being sad about no longer being in Norway. So here are my top 3 ways to overcome the holiday blues:

  1. Relax for a few days

Even when you come home from a sunbed holiday, you need a few days to relax, for some reason even with only a 2 hours flight it can feel stressful. So, after Norway me and Cole definitely needed a few days relaxing!  It was nice to be in a normal bed with a nice mattress and plump pillows compared to our not-so-inflatable roll mats. With our bodies rested after a deep sleep, we stocked up on good food from my mum’s bakery and spent the day watching films and relaxing. This was a good way to spend our last few days together before we had to face the outside world!


2. Print photos, scrapbook, blog and so on about your time away

A good way to overcome holiday blues (for me) was to write, talk, or scrapbook all my memories and adventures from Norway. So many people wanted to hear and see all about our trip, and I loved telling everyone what we got up too. Family and friends couldn’t believe some of our pictures but were glad we made it home safe and sound (especially after seeing us on the boulder at Kjerag). I had also been collecting tokens of memories throughout our trip and was ready to start scrapbooking. This kept me busy for at least a week, and filled around 20 pages of my scrapbook!


3. Plan your future goals and upcoming trips

Now this is the most effective method in curing your holiday blues, plan your next trip! Everyone needs something to look forward too, so when you are home from one start to think about what you have upcoming. We have already spoke and planned about what we would like to do next summer in 2017. Since starting our blog, as well as setting up our Instagram and Pinterest, our days have been filled with wanderlust and amazing travel stories! So taking on people’s advice, stories and experiences we have decided on where our next trip was going to take us.

Here are our upcoming plans until summer 2017:

  • Weekend trip to Cole’s home in Liverpool and see the Crystal Fighters (jumping with excitement!)
  • Birmingham to see Dua Lipa and go to the Christmas market
  • Edinburgh for Hogmanay on New years eve
  • Albefuria in Portugal for a little family getaway
  • And finally, our main trip of the summer in 2017 is to travel around, Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam just me and Cole!


We have also been working hard on our blog and keeping regular content for all our readers, which we hope you have been enjoying! We also have news that we are going to be starting a Youtube channel filled with videos from our trips throughout the year and even some day in the life video blogs, and fashion lookbooks just to mix things up a little!

Until next time,

India and Cole








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