Bookshops, Brunch and Bread

Summer has come to an end and winter is settling in, holidays are over and we are back to being university students. While the weekdays are spent in lectures or in the library, we headed out for a fun day on Sunday (to reduce our chances of going loopy… or becoming less loopy…)

Nottingham city center is filled with little quirky shops, especially in Hockley or the Lace Market. We had seen online an independent bookstore in The Cobden Chambers so we had decided to head that way, and maybe incorporate some breakfast/lunch, being the foodies we are.


The book shop, Ideas on Paper, was really cool and had a variety of independent magazines and books in fashion, photography, graphic design, branding, marketing, architecture, travel, food, drink, and so much more! We were in our elements looking around and flicking through all the books, especially the travel ones!

The courtyard was also really cute, filled with flowers and had very cool graffiti along the walls. The Cobden Chambers had a few other independent stores such as a Vinyl record stores, hairdressers, as well as a few others. So if you are in the area, we recommend taking a visit down the little alleyway and find these hidden gems.


Having fueled our brains with books, we needed to fuel our tummies. Nottingham has hundreds of food places so deciding where to go can be a challenge, especially when you can be as indecisive as me! We wandered around for a while until we came across a pub like restaurant called The Curious Townhouse. The outside was just simply gray and white, and then you go inside to find the quriky interior with weird and wonderful artifacts. We both ordered the eggs benedict, a classic brunch option! And what a good choice, it was delicious.


For the rest of the day, we had decided to go and feed the ducks in the park in the city. It was such a nice day and the sun was shining for us, so we thought this was a nice idea. We attempted to do a cool film of ducks eating the bread which we had surrounded around the go pro, but this did not go according to plan, and the ducks did not want to co-operate with us! Giving up on a fun video, we simply feed the ducks with our baguette!

This was a perfect way to spend our Sunday, especially after spending our Saturday in the library. While Nottingham may not be the biggest city, its does boast lots of culture and vibrancy. Mine and Cole’s favorite part of Nottingham is Hockley filled with vintage shops, secret bars, and nice restaurants which is where most of our pictures were taken today. I am sure you will see more of Nottingham in the future!


Until next time

India and Cole



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