Being a Student and Travelling the World

Being a student can be one of the must fun and thrilling times of your life. You get lots of time off over summer and Christmas, you get lots of discount in hundreds of places and plenty of time for a lay in! So why not take this opportunity to go on some of the most amazing traveling trips and step out of your comfort zone and explore the world.

Traveling as a student does not necessarily mean foreign travel either, at university you will meet people from all areas of the world, and in the UK. Why not take this opportunity to visit friends and visit cities or towns in the UK. People aged 16-25 can have a discount railcard which enables them to get 1/3 of the price off their ticket. Some of the most beautiful destinations are right on your doorstep around the UK, with vibrant cities such as Liverpool, Manchester, and London. Or if this is not what you fancy then in England less than 10% is built on which means there is tons of room for exploring and outdoor activities, such as the Peak District!


If you fancy going further afield to hotter climates (or colder ones!) then doing this as a student couldn’t be better. University often offers so many opportunities for students to travel, study, or volunteer abroad. At Nottingham Trent University, where both myself and Cole attend, they offer trips to China, Russia, Budapest and much more, for a few weeks up to a year. You will never get such amazing opportunities handed to you again, so take the chance and go for it!

However, if you don’t want to go with the university and wish to experience on your own then there are thousands of options for you to do as a student who may be on a budget. Both this summer and the previous myself and Cole both did student friendly trips. Cole’s have been slightly more budget friendly as he cycled and wild camped on the beaches around Mallorca. He had the most surreal experience and loved the freedom in which this trip offered him. He cycled 60km a day for 2 weeks and saw some of the most incredible beaches that Mallorca had to offer!


I went interrailing around Europe with one my friends from my university halls. Interrail tickets cost considerably less if you are a student under 25, so we were able to save a lot of money here to put towards costs on our trip. As you travel around you will find that hostels around Europe are cheap, especially if you travel off the beaten track and miss some of the bigger cities. And also in Europe, beer, and pizza is extremely cheap, so while it may not have been the most nutritious month of my life, it was a good way to save some money! Many hostels also offered free walking tours around the area you were staying so you got a free tour while learning and seeing the city and the culture.


This year we joined together to wild camp around Norway which saved a considerable amount of money. While many would think traveling Norway as a student is completely crazy due to the country being so expensive, we thought of ways in which we could save money. We bought food in bulk rather than eating out, we wild camped instead of hotels, and we went on hiking trips rather than paid excursions! If you are a student and want to travel but think you can’t afford it, there is always a way round, you just need to think of ways in which you could save a few pennies here and there. For example hostels and camping is a really cheap way of finding somewhere to sleep, some hostels even include breakfast, and your student card can get you into museums for free and even discounted meals.



You meet some of the most amazing people while being a student, who will push you out of your comfort zone and open the doors to new possibilities. If I had not of met Cole I would have never had wild camped around Norway, and I would be looking at Instagram pictures wondering if I will ever go. So bite the bullet and go see the world!

Travelling will not only allow you to explore new social and cultural environment but will build your confidence and push you out of your comfort zone!  Whether it is traveling the UK, Europe, Australia, or so on, go where your heart desires and have the best time, and let us know how you found ways to budget on your journey.

Until next time

India and Cole

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