Why We Want To Travel


Since we have met both me and Cole have always spoke about traveling! And our desire to travel the world has only grown stronger since being together and also starting Stories of Adventure. In a blogging world full of beautiful images and posts it is hard not to become travel envy, so we have recently been doing a lot of planning for upcoming trips. Whilst talking about what we want to do in the future we both got thinking about what made us want to travel in the first place!

Our main reason is the memories traveling makes. You have the opportunity to experience a range of cultures, adventures, and activities that will stay with you forever. Whether they are funny stories that you will live to tell or things that you learned whilst traveling, these memories will last forever. Memories will last much longer than money in a bank account, and are so much more important!

Here are my top 2 traveling memories

Stepping onto the Kjerag boulder, and then being asked to take a picture of a man proposing to his soon to be fiance on the boulder!! 


Dragons Breath Zip Wire, Labadee, Haiti! The world’s longest zip wire.


Cole’s top two travel memories

Hiking and standing on top of the Kjerag Boulder in Norway!


Wild camping in the little town outside Valdemosa, Mallorca 


As well as creating memories, our reason to travel is to have fun! We spend most of our time being silly and acting like little-excited puppies, oh and Cole just a little bit cheeky, so traveling always creates some funny moments.


While most of our time is either spent writing essays at the minute at university when we travel we wish to just let all our worries go and enjoy our time traveling to the max together.

Once we have both graduated from university in 2018 we plan to start conquering our bucket list, but in the mean time summer 2017 is our next big adventure!

Until next time

India and Cole


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