A Weekend in West Kirby

*Beep, Beep, Beep, Beep*

The alarm clock goes at 9AM on Friday 18th November 2016. Minutes later we were up out of bed and getting ready to head up north to Cole’s home for the weekend in West Kirby, Liverpool.


Weekend bags packed, we were headed to the train station to catch our 10:47 train to Liverpool. Due to my fear of being late for a train we were there relatively early… maybe a bit too early (Cole said he was never leaving when I said again, he could have had extra time in bed), however I bought him a hot chocolate which I think made up for it!


The train took just over 2 hours 30 minutes so we kept ourselves occupied with uno, Cole loosing all 3 games, reading and watching out the window as we went through the snowy Peak District! We arrived into Liverpool Lime Street at 13:33, and went to catch our other train to West Kirby.


You could feel the fresh sea air as soon as you got off the train, and the temperature had definitely dropped a few degrees since leaving Nottingham. We arrived at Cole’s house and was greeted by his mum, Patricia, and his very excited dog, Jessie.  We sat catching up, and were later joined by his sister, Charlotte and little nephew, Charlie those 3rd birthday it was also this weekend.

Myself and Cole were off into Liverpool on the Friday night as we had tickets to see the Crystal Fighters at the O2 Academy. So after having dinner we were back on the train into Liverpool. The Crystal Fighters were incredible, and we spent the whole evening dancing, jumping and signing away to all their songs! We both loved every minute of their concert and the support act Loa Ra. Here we also met up with some of Cole’s family, Annie and Jodie who had also been to see the Crystal Fighters before catching the last train home.


On the Saturday myself and Cole headed back into Liverpool as I had only ever been into Liverpool city centre once before. My tour guide Cole Morgan took me to the pier and showed me the amazing shopping they have! Thankfully for my bank account the only thing I bought was lunch! We headed up Bold Street, a street filled with restaurants, bars, boutiques, vintage clothing stories and much more. After much deliberation, we chose This Is Leaf. The restaurant was filled with quirky decor, large benches, intimate two seat tables and big Victorian sofas. They also had the biggest selection of tea I had ever seen, with 50 loose leaf tea to choose from! I tested their strawberry and kiwi tea – very good!


Once refuelled we headed for the shops, but by the time we had done a few shops it was almost 5pm and we needed to head back as Cole’s dad was coming down from Edinburgh. Cole said we had only skimmed Liverpool! So another trip will have to be in order.

That evening we all went out for dinner at a local restaurant in West Kirby and by the end off it we were all well and truly stuffed! A quick walk home and we were sat in front of the fire catching up on some Saturday night TV before heading to bed.

The next day  was Charlie’s 3rd birthday! So we awoke to a very excited little boy surrounded by toys and gifts. I don’t know who was more interested in some presents though Charlie or Cole? Especially when it came to the scooter!

That day before the party me and Cole were designated dog walk duty. All wrapped up we were off ready to walk along the beach to red rocks. It was a beautiful day with the sun shining. Jessie was in her element, running for her ball and bounding in and out of all the puddles she could find. The fresh walk along the beach bought colour to our cheeks and blew out the cobwebs before we headed to the Church Farm for Charlie’s birthday party.


Unfortunately as we are grown ups now (supposedly) we were not able to go on the red tractor around the farm, but we were able to hold the bunny rabbits and go in the chicken hen! We all sang happy birthday as we watched Charlie blow his candles out and after headed back home to watch him open all his presents.


The evening was drawing closer and we were due to head back to the station to catch our train back to Nottingham at 7pm. However, Cole’s mum had stocked us up with treats such as Pandoro cake, jam doughnuts and advent calender’s! Thank you again if you are reading!

Feeling a little blue on the platform after having such a nice weekend in West Kirby with everyone, we sat on the train playing games to cheer ourselves up. We were back in Nottingham by 9:30pm and ready to walk back to the flat.

It was a weekend filled with fun and happiness!

Until next time

India and Cole


Get Cole’s coat here!







2 thoughts on “A Weekend in West Kirby”

  1. Ayyy the pinguin mug is sooooo cute! ❤

    Really intersting articles and beautiful pictures. I would like to see West Kirby also in summer when the weather is a bit better – it must be even more beutiful there 🙂

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