12 Blogs Till Christmas | Hello 2017

Merry Christmas Eve to all our readers! I just want to say a thank you to everyone who has been reading our blogs over the past few months. Next year we have lots of plans for ways to improve our blog and bring you even better content! We are planning to do lots of fun things and exciting new adventures either in England or abroad. It has been an amazing year and here a few of my favorite pictures from over the year.

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12 Blogs Till Christmas | The World’s Skinniest Tree?

Christmas has arrived in the Paine household! Despite my dad being very reluctant to even get the decorations down from the loft,  they are up.

However, it is the world’s skinniest tree – or as my mum calls it minimalistic…

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12 Blogs Till Christmas | Back to London

I can’t believe it is day 6 of blogmas already! Christmas is only a week away now!

This weekend Cole is heading down south from Nottingham before heading home to Liverpool next weekend before Christmas. As it’s our last weekend of 2016 together before we go to Edinburgh on the 28th, we had planned a busy, Christmassy weekend.

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12 Blogs Till Christmas | A Day in London

I love going to London, but at Christmas, it is just so special. All the lights are spectacular everywhere you go and although it is very busy, the Christmas shopping and displays are my favorite part!

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12 Blogs Till Christmas | Decoration Envy

Can you believe it my household is yet to put our Christmas decorations up! My family is not the most festive of people but this year I have bought home the Christmas spirit from university. I have managed to persuade my mum to join in with the festivities. We have planned to put our decorations up Sunday (readers exclusive: will be up Monday!) when Cole is here to help. So, today we decided to go to the Christmas shop in a village outside of my town.

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Christmas is Coming!

It’s the 1st of December and the countdown now begins to CHRISTMAS! (not excited at all…)

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