12 Blogs Till Christmas | Decoration Envy

Can you believe it my household is yet to put our Christmas decorations up! My family is not the most festive of people but this year I have bought home the Christmas spirit from university. I have managed to persuade my mum to join in with the festivities. We have planned to put our decorations up Sunday (readers exclusive: will be up Monday!) when Cole is here to help. So, today we decided to go to the Christmas shop in a village outside of my town.

And oh my I have never seen so many gorgeous decorations in my life! I did not know where to look, there was just so much glitter, sparkles, lights and everything. I was definitely getting decoration envy and hoping, really, really hoping our tree looked just as good on Sunday.

So are you ready to see the wonder of The Magic of Christmas!


That is what our tree is going to look like after I and Cole have finished…


We will show you our attempt!

We only bought a few things; a small bell tree, a caramel cupcake candle, Merry Christmas tartan bunting and my new pink Santa hat. But we could have honestly spent hundreds, each bauble was different and exquisite. Maybe when I am older I can have a tree like one of these.


Just modelling my new hat!



See you tomorrow, day 4!

India and Cole




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