12 Blogs Till Christmas | A Day in London

I love going to London, but at Christmas, it is just so special. All the lights are spectacular everywhere you go and although it is very busy, the Christmas shopping and displays are my favorite part!

I am extremely lucky to only live 20 minutes away on the train from central London, so yesterday myself and my mum had arranged to go on a day trip. We had planned to start in Borough Market – both our favorite spot in London – and then walk to Oxford street. Walk, yes, we are mad, we were both shattered by the end of the day!

Borough Market 

This market is amazing, with over 100 stalls with freshly prepared foods from cheese, parma ham, spices, sweets, bread, pasta and so much more! Not only does it have all this gorgeous food but there is also and nice atmosphere and especially at Christmas they have all their decorations up and special Christmas treats you can buy.

The market is sandwiched between Tower Bridge and the Shard and has been open for 1000 years! So not only are you getting to taste and buy some of the best local produce, but you are in a historical landmark of London!


They have everything you can think of! And even things you can’t think of such are purple cabbage, and all them different types of mushrooms. We bought some mulled wine spice bombs, anchovies, vindaloo curry power, some fudge and as you can see I bought a Nutella doughnut which I couldn’t wait to eat!

Now I am hungry…

London by foot

So as I said earlier I and my mum decided that instead of just getting the tube, we would walk to Oxford street and take in the sights along the way which we would not be able to see on the tube. The walk was 3 miles and we did divert for some lunch and to go into Fortnum and Masons.

Here are few pictures from our walk,


If you have enough time I would definitely recommend walking in London than getting the tube as you see so much more of London. I have always wanted to go in the Twinnings shop along Fleet-street and as we walked I finally got to go in. On the map, the walk may look daunting but London is not as spread out as you think!

Fortnum and Masons

I cannot describe how beautiful this store is. Everything from the luxury accessories to even the apples with Merry Christmas embossed on them are a luxury! The store itself is in a beautiful old building and is around 5 floors. The store was not as big as I thought it would be, but so so beautiful. They also had a Christmas section where you could buy the biggest Christmas crackers I had ever seen for a cheap £350!

We may have not been able to afford the Christmas crackers but we did purchase a present for my nan and I bought some bath truffles. Sorry Lush bath bombs are out and Bath truffles are in! Very fancy!


These are shower caps!




After lusting after all the goodies in Fortnum and Mason, we headed for lunch and ready to start our serious Christmas shop.

Firstly, we went to Carnaby Street and then headed to Oxford Circus. Unfortunately, I did not get many pictures from Oxford Street as it was extremely busy. Safe to say we spent lots of money and came for lots more than we intended (oops), but we got lots of people crossed off our lists.


Weighed down with lots of bags we headed back for home.

We both had a brilliant day and now feel extra Christmassy after seeing all the lights and being in the buzz of London at this time of year! But, we were both glad when we got to sit down.

Until tomorrow

India and Cole




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