12 Blogs Till Christmas | Back to London

I can’t believe it is day 6 of blogmas already! Christmas is only a week away now!

This weekend Cole is heading down south from Nottingham before heading home to Liverpool next weekend before Christmas. As it’s our last weekend of 2016 together before we go to Edinburgh on the 28th, we had planned a busy, Christmassy weekend.

We decided to meet in London and spend the day there. We had arranged before our trip that we wanted to go ice skating, but as it was Saturday before Christmas day everywhere was extremely booked up! However, after some research, we found that there is now an ice rink at the Tower of London. We booked ice skating at 5 pm and met at 12 pm so we had some time to explore London and grab some dinner.

Firstly, we did some Christmas shopping quickly (names who cannot be shown just in case they read this!) and then decided to walk down Bond Street as, as we walked past the lights were so eye catchingly beautiful!


The Cartier building was my favorite and was just so stunning! If only I could afford to go inside, maybe one day!


We then headed to Carnaby street where Cole Purchased a new coat and we had lunch at The  Diner.



Cole modeling his nice new coat!

The day had flown by and it was 4 pm by the time we had had lunch, so we got on the tube and headed for Bank. We then walked along the Thame and across London Bridge to get to the Tower of London for ice skating.


Ice skating was really fun and would you believe it neither myself or  Cole fell over! It was so nice to skate under the Tower of London. I would have to say that we were both pretty good skaters, minus a few little stumbles but we did not fall over on our bums so therefore we are pros!


Until tomorrow,

India and Cole

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