12 Blogs Till Christmas | The World’s Skinniest Tree?

Christmas has arrived in the Paine household! Despite my dad being very reluctant to even get the decorations down from the loft,  they are up.

However, it is the world’s skinniest tree – or as my mum calls it minimalistic…


The rest of our Sunday was spent watching films and relaxing after a few busy days over the week. Although not exactly Christmassy, we watched The Martian. I would recommend this film to everyone it is so so good! We were going to watch Home Alone 2 to get into the festive spirit but we headed out for some fresh air instead with the dogs, Mya and Brucie.


Mya is anAlaskann Klee Kai and is almost 3! And Brucie is a Teacup Pomeranian and is only 20 weeks.

We spent the Sunday how it should be spent, and we are ready for a full on week of Christmas activities until Sunday the 25th!

Until tomorrow

India and Cole

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