Hogmanay in Edinburgh (Part 1)

Welcome back to Stories of Adventure!

Happy New Year!

I can’t believe we are already 3 days into the new year already, but I hope you all had a brilliant time celebrating and did not feel too hungover on the 1st.

As I probably hammered into the blog me and Cole went to Edinburgh for Hogmanay, a 3-day festival held over the new year, with thousands of people attending. Hogmanay is world famous and it is named one of the top 25 things to do on new years eve!

As we were extremely busy I have decided to make this blog into a series of 3 parts. So here it goes part 1!


28th December 2016 – 8:13 am 

Up and standing on the platform from Stevenage to catch my first train. I had to change at Peterborough and then it was straight to Edinburgh Waverly where I would be reunited with my partner in crime Cole Morgan, who also got the train from Liverpool.

At 1:30 pm my train pulled up to the station and we were finally in Edinburgh after such a long wait to return! As we were staying with Cole’s dad, we had to catch another quick train to where he lives. Luckily this train was only 15 minutes so our numb bums only had to last a little longer.

After catching up and having a little nibble, it was too late to go back in the city so across the road was a really nice hotel and spa and thankfully I had packed a swimsuit. Cole, on the other hand, did not, but his dad let him borrow some swim shorts. The hotel is called Macdonald Houston House. We had been there before and we had lunch and walked around the gorgeous gardens as you may have seen in a previous blog. We were yet to experience the pool and spa. But it was lovely, they had a pool which had windows surround it and you could relax while looking out into the countryside. You could also laze on a sunbed or go in either the steam or sauna.

Feeling relaxed we come home, had dinner and went to bed for a good night sleep before a busy day in the city.

29th December 2016 – 10 am (oops…)

I do not think I have laid in till 10 am in forever! This seemed to be a common occurrence over the next few days, but the bed was just so comfy. Well rested, fed and a quick film watched, we hopped on the train to Edinburgh city center.  I had seen online a museum/funhouse on the Royal Mile called Camera Obscura. I would recommend this place to everyone of all ages, it was so much fun and a great way to learn about the history of the city whilst having fun.


They had a mirror maze, a vortex, a transforming camera, it was 6 floors full of fun optical illusions!


On the top floor, you got the most amazing view of the city and we were especially lucky as we were up there just as the sun was setting! We were also very lucky, as they said that we could not see the show which is included in the price as it was so busy (but they did give us 10% off our tickets), but once we were on the top floor they put on a random show and we managed to squeeze in. The show is inside the Victorian rooftop chamber and I won’t give too much away but let’s just say you can pick people up from the street or squash them if you like!



After not having anything to eat since breakfast our little bellies were rumbling. Cole gets hungry so quick so his stomach thought he was being starved! I’ve decided I am going to bring out snacks to keep him happy and keep him going when we are on days out… hehe! We headed to Grassmarket where we stumbled across a very busy cafe and we all know that busy means good so we decided to eat there. It was a hog roast cafe called Oink and it was soooo good! I had never tried a hog roast but it was scrumptious.


Full bellies, we just decided to walk around and headed down to Princes street and George street whilst nipping in and out of some shops.


We were heading to Harvey Nichols and came across an ice rink! We decided that we would do ice skating another day (which we never got round to doing, unfortunately) but we went in the middle of the rink to the bar and had a hot chocolate!


We had two hours until we were meeting Cole’s dad so we went to the Edinburgh’s Christmas market. I have never seen a Christmas market so big before! It had about 4 floors of food and gift stalls. We did the Christmas tree maze, which was so much fun, being surrounded by hundreds of Christmas trees. You had to find letters and guess the word all these letters made up in order to get a prize from an elf! I will not tell you the word but we did get a prize!!


I and Cole also said we would try whiskey and be proper Scotts on scottish new years, but ended up drinking gin so I think that tells you how it went. And the photos below…


Finally 7:30 pm we headed to Mother India Cafe, an Indian tapas restaurant.  We had eaten here previously and it is so delicious and such a good way of testing and eating an array of dishes you wouldn’t normally get to try in a traditional Indian restaurant.

After a busy day exploring we were finally home and relaxing on the sofa, preparing for Hogmanay to start the following day! But once again I just need to tell you all how much I love Edinburgh and how everyone needs to visit this city!

Coming up, Paolo Nutini and the famous Street Party!

Until next time,

India and Cole


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