Hogmanay in Edinburgh (Part 2)

30th December 2016

Waking up very excited as tonight we were off to see Paolo Nutini! I think ever since I and Cole met we have both said that Paolo was on the top of our lists to see live. And the time was now!

However, Paolo is not until 8 pm so we had the day to fill. Cole and his dad went off mountain biking for the day so I decided to go back to the hotel and spa that we went to the previous day to do some pre-Hogmanay relaxing! After that, I come back to the house and just relaxed while watching some films throughout the day until Cole got home.

Whilst I was getting ready (with a little glass of prosecco.. it was new years I was aloud), Cole decided he wanted to shave his beard off! So channeling my inner barber I took on the duty. I did take a picture but I am not sure he would be happy with me if I put it up… Cole and his Mexican mustache.

Christina had put together such a nice spread of dinner.To start we had cranberry bread with cheese, butter, and beetroot dips and then we had chilli! So bellies well and truly full, we headed for the train to Edinburgh Waverly.

The torchlight procession was also happening on the same night as the concert so the city center was very busy. We could actually see the torchlights passing whilst we were standing in the arena! If we did not go and see Paolo I would definitely do the torchlight procession as my mum’s friend who also attended Hogmanay said it was really amazing!


But, but, but, we would not have missed Paolo for the world! And he was AMAZING! He also had two supporting bands called, Vegan Leather and The Frightened Rabbit. There was also fireworks in the middle and after the show, which just added to the concert. So we got to dance under Edinburgh castle while listening to Paolo live, with fireworks… what else could you ask for?


December 31st, 2016 – New Year’s Eve (Eeek!)

The big day is here! New Year’s Eve! The night of the street party!

We had a lay in to renew ourselves after Paolo, and had a bit of a lazy morning. But after getting ready for the day, we headed down the road to the golf range. A bit random but hey that is me and Cole! But it was lots of fun and we did lots of golfing challenges too, we were surprisingly good at hitting the ball with one leg up, eyes closed and only using one arm, who knew!


It was also extremely windy, not a good day to wear a skirt! After golf, we headed back to meet Cole’s dad who then took us to the garden center for a spot of lunch. I wish I remembered the name as the food was so scrummy, but it was in Uphall if you ever pass!

The rest of the day was chilling on the sofa and having a chippy tea! Cole had mentioned that he really wanted the brown sauce that they only sell in Scottish chippies. So we had a bottle and he was very happy, and it actually was very nice!

The gates for the street party opened at 7 pm and then the entertainment started at 9 pm. We got into Edinburgh at around 8 pm and after a long deliberation due to time ( and because I cannot decide on things for the life of me) we went and met my mum’s friend for a quick drink in Grassmarket.


You can take drinks into the street party as long it is not in a glass container or over 500ml. So we took some gin and lemonade, but there are plenty of bars and stalls in the party. The whole Christmas market is also open for people who bought tickets to the street party. We wandered up and down the street to see what there was and then settled down for half hour in the Christmas market and watched the 10 pm fireworks. They did fireworks every house until midnight!


11:30 pm.. midnight was drawing closer so we decided to go and get our position in front of the castle in time for the countdown! Paolo was playing again in the gardens, and we could hear his music, which we both loved! 2 minutes to 12 they projected a clock on the rock just below the castle! It was so exciting!

And the countdown began!


2017 hit and we were exploded into the new year with a spectacular firework display which was amazing, and may have caused a little tear in the corner of my eye! A big hug and kiss from Cole and a happy new year, we headed to the DJ stage and danced our little cold bodies off!

The event ended at 1 am but to be honest after the fireworks had finished the vast majority of people left the street party. We had not really thought about how we were getting home, so we went in search of a taxi rank. By this point, we were very chilly but we huddled together while waiting for our taxi!

Overall, my experience of Hogmanay had been so much fun! I have recommended to my family and they are going next year, and I think myself and Cole may be going too… maybe!

Part 3, my future home!

Until next time

India and Cole





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