Hogmanay in Edinburgh (Part 3)

The last blog of Hogmanay! Where has this year gone already we are into our 3rd week… 3rd!! Before we know it, I will be writing again about New Years Eve and what adventure we got up too.

Anywayyyy, lets get back to this New Year!

New Years day is a hard day to plan as you are unsure whether or not your going to be able to move from bed or your going to be making the most of the first day and be ready to get out and about! Both myself and Cole did not feel too bad (I think we had sobered up in the cold queue for a tax home). But we were planning to head into the city centre but unfortunately no trains were running at all. Whilst pondering over what to do, Cole’s dad made the suggestion of driving into Stockbridge.

Stockbridge is a little town on the north edge of the New Town and has something more of a village atmosphere rather than a town. The town has the Water of Leith running through, which you can walk up and down and is only a 10-15 minute walk from Edinburgh city centre.

As soon as we got out the car I feel in love with this little town! And the more we walked around the more I became in love with it.


We first walked a short while up along the river, seeing these cute little birds that kept flying beneath the river and then popping up meters away! While also seeing all the houses that lined the river either side.


However, it was extremely chilly so we decided that we would go in a cafe and get a hot chocolate to warm our bones before doing some more exploring. Walking through the town was lovely, they had so many independent shops, bars and cafes, but due to it being new years day, none were open! We were very sad as we saw the perfect hot chocolate shop! But it gives us another excuse to go back…

We ended up having a quick drink in Cafe Nero, before heading to the cutest, most quaint little street. Which by the way is my future street!! When I have enough money that is.


The street was called Circus Lane and all the houses were covered in flowers and were painted cute pastel colours. I could picture it living there! The street bought us out at St.Stephen’s church, where we continued to walk spotting more independent boutiques and spectacular houses.


Due to leaving quite late in the day to come to Stockbridge, we did not get much time to explore more like we would have wanted but it was now very dark and very very cold so we headed back. Already making plans to go back in the summer when we can experience Stockbridge’s full beauty and stores. But, I suppose I will have loads of time to do that when I live there.. wink, wink!


Overall, Hogmanay was an amazing experience and it has only deepened my love for Edinburgh and the Scottish life! I would recommend everyone to go and visit during this time especially, there is so much to do, and we only did a small handful of things. My mum and dad with all their friends have already booked to go this year and I can’t wait to hear their experience. Hopefully, one day me and Cole will get to go back!

Until next time

India and Cole


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