Paradise peninsula | West Kirby 

Warning! Heavy snow hitting the UK over the weekend! This is what we had heard a few days before we were meant to be traveling back up to West Kirby! Not what we wanted to hear when we were ready for a fun weekend by the sea. My mum has sent me pictures of heavy snow fall in the south of England but there was still nothing in Nottingham on Friday we were planning to leave. However, just in case we had stocked up on some car snacks, warm clothes and lots of water just in case! (Although Cole was a plonker and left all the snacks in the boot of the car…)

I caught the train from Nottingham to meet Cole to begin our mini road trip. The journey was going to take up 3 hours and was to be filled with all Cole’s new CD’s he got for Christmas, including Bruno Mars, The Weekend and Adele (Yes we went full on Adele, I am surprised the windows are still intact). It was a really scenic route we chose to do through the Peak District. We drove through some of the cutest little villages, which had a thick white layer of snow, which just added to their beauty!

Our journey went really quick and we were at Cole’s house by 7 pm and arrived to a curry, followed by the nicest hot chocolates! We all spent the evening catching up and getting an early night before a busy following day.


The next day we actually went pottery painting in Hoylake! I was in my element, anything creative, I am there! I painted a Vase, which was actually meant to be a popcorn pot… and Cole painted a money pot to save up for all our travels! We actually ended up being here for hours, I can’t imagine how many people came and went by the time we had finished. So after hours of painting, very skilfully may I just add, we treated ourselves to a frozen yogurt. And oh my this is the best frozen yogurt place I have ever been too! We have tested the 2 we have in Nottingham and they are not a patch on this one!



West Kirby is right on the beach and has a marine lake which you can walk around. So in the evening I and Cole went to pick up Jessie, Cole’s dog and take her on a little walk around the Lake. However, the weather changed and it began to rain!


This did not bother Jessie in the slightest, but I and Cole were walking as quick as we could to get back into the warm!


We also got to see hundreds of Starfish on the beach!!


Jessie was very intrigued by the Starfish and looking very suspicious when Cole told off and to come back.

That evening, me, Cole and Cole’s mum all went to the cinema to see La La Land. What an amazing film! I and Cole came tap dancing out of the cinema! And all we want to do is see it all over again. I would definitely recommend to everyone.

This was only a quick trip away but was nice to be in a different place and take in the seaside air. It was also nice to spend time with Cole and his family, and Cole loved being reunited with Jessie.


QUICK NOTE before I sign off today’s blog! I and Cole want to hear your experiences and adventures, no matter how big or how small they are, we want to hear and see! Share with us your pictures on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and so on with the tag #storiesofadventure! We want to grow a community of travellers and share and be inspired by everyone’s adventures and maybe one day meet and share these experiences all together! So go share share share and we will feature you on our accounts, and if you want to guest blog on here just contact us for more information.

Unit next time

India and Cole


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