10 Places in the UK to Visit in 2017

The United Kingdom is one of the most beautiful places in the world if you ignore all the rain and bad weather that we get that is! So I suggest that everyone goes out and explores what is on our doorstep.

So my aim this year is to visit all 10 places on this list (whilst gaining a lot of driving experience – beware I am on the roads)! Here it goes,

  1. The Isle of Skye 

Now this place has been on my list for a long time ever since I saw a picture in year 10 of the spectacular fairy pools. This amazing place is in the Scottish Highlands is filled with jagged mountains and sparkling lochs.The stunning scenery is the main attraction, but when the mist closes in there are plenty of castles, crofting museums, and cosy pubs.



Now I know this photo may bee edited… but this was the photo that made me fall in love with this place!

2. Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

‘Let’s go tooon’ in my best geordie accent!

I want to see the Angel of the North, put a love lock on the bridge, walk up the Earl Grey Monument and have a cocktail in the Botanist! I have met a wonderful geordie who raves about Newcastle and I am taking her word for it and adding to my list!


3. Brighton

Now I have actually visited Brighton before, many of times but it is such an amazing city I had to include it on my list! Luckily I am actually going in a few weeks as my mum and dad have some friends there. They have some of the most amazing shops, independent boutiques down the lanes, and quirky little restaurants while being perched right on the beach lined with colorful beach huts! Nothing better than eating your lunch after some shopping on the beach.


4. Cornwall

If you go here in the summer you really do question whether or not you are still in England?! As crazy as that sounds, you do! Some of the beaches that you find here are white sand and blue seas! It is a true surfers paradise, especially in the city of Newquay, where by the way they sell the biggest sugar coated doughnuts ever!

Now I know Cornwall is huge and there are lots of places to visit within it, but even if you don’t see it all, it is the perfect excuse to come back! I recommend Lusty Glaze beach – it is beautiful! Here I actually saw a bride zip wire into the beach for her wedding…


5. Bakewell, Derbyshire 

Bakewell tarts were made here! Who does not want to go!

Not only this, it also looks like such a quaint little town with independent shops, cafes, and bars. I loved the peak district when I last went, but that was for the hiking and I would love the see the towns of the Peak district.


6. York

My friend goes to university in York and whenever I see her pictures I just think the city looks so picturesque. I have been to York for 1 night and I did not get to see much of the city other than the bars they have to offer (typical student aye). So I am making it my mission to return and see the sights! Maybe Jessamyn can give me a bed too and a tour.. wink.. wink if you are reading!


7. Liverpool

You are probably thinking if you read my previous blogs you have been to Liverpool loads?? That may be true, but I do love this city and I feel like I haven’t experienced the full city! The city has so much to offer with many museums and galleries that I wish to wander around, as well as visiting the famous Cavern Club where the Beatles first performed.


8. Inverness 

Another gorgeous place the Scottish Highlands has to offer! I am thinking a Scottish road trip maybe so I get to see all the beauty the highlands have to offer!


9. Bath

Being a very very avid fan of Zoella (I admit it) and seeing her quick vlog from Bath, I just want to go! I want to bathe in the roman baths and then go and explore the UNESCO city. I only saw what Bath looked like during the Christmas period and the market looked amazing, and we all know how much I love a Christmas market! So this trip may have to be nearer the festive period!

10. Lake District 

I love to hike and explore what nature has to offer. It is a wonderful way to breathe in some fresh air, think through your thoughts and see the wonders of the world. And the Lake District looks the best place to do this while diving into a natural infinity pool!

Buttermere Lake, Lake District National Park, Cumbria.

There it is, my 10 places to visit in 2017 in the UK. It may seem like I will be forever on the roads going up and down the country but with the sun shining it will be a good way to explore our country! So stay tuned to see my upcoming reviews!

Until next time



14 thoughts on “10 Places in the UK to Visit in 2017

      1. Great list! We’re off to the Outer Hebrides and all the remote places and not quite so in Scotland this spring, ticking of lost of places on your list. 🙂
        We appreciate very much that you didn’t mention our quiet paradise in North Norfolk. 🙂

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  1. There are so many great places to visit in England it is hard to keep the list to just 10! I went to the Lake District last year and loved it so much, now I really want to go to the Peak District.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ummmmm the bride zip-lining to her wedding…. WHAT!! Classic Cornwall weirdos hahah (I say with the most love in my heart for all the Cornish weirdos). Loved this list – I think #1 for me this year is Brighton, I can’t believe I still haven’t been!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Can I add a couple? 🙂 On your way to Newcastle stop in Durham, it’s awesome. It’s in a horseshoe bend of the river Wear with the most beautiful cathedral in Britain (also a Harry Potter location) and a castle on the top of the hill in the middle. And if you carry on up the A1 from Newcastle you’ll come to Alnwick (home of the best bookshop ever and another Harry Potter location). The coast near Alnwick is just awesomely stunning, I 100% recommend it 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

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