Entering the Moulin Rouge with The Secret Cinema

This weekend myself and Cole were off to London to travel back in time to 1899 to play our parts in the Moulin Rouge! Cole had actually bought me this for Christmas and we both did not have any idea what it was going to be like, what was going to happen or anything!! We had seen previous secret cinemas on their website but it did not give much away apart from that they looked incredible!

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A Bright Day in Bakewell

Finally, a weekend has come around where I and Cole can go on an adventure! But we are both too busy to jet off (very very sad) so we had a little trip in the trusty polo. We had loved the Peak district when we went in the summer so after a little research we decided that we would go to Bakewell and put the original Bakewell puddings to the test – I definitely did by having two…

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The Top 5 Realities of Travelling

With the year already flying by and summer months only round the corner now, I wanted to share some funny, but very true realities that come with travelling. Do not let these put you off as travelling can provide some of the most amazing memories that you wouldn’t want to change for the world, even if this does entail a few of these elements! But hopefully, we are all in the same boat…

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