The Top 5 Realities of Travelling

With the year already flying by and summer months only round the corner now, I wanted to share some funny, but very true realities that come with travelling. Do not let these put you off as travelling can provide some of the most amazing memories that you wouldn’t want to change for the world, even if this does entail a few of these elements! But hopefully, we are all in the same boat…

  1.  It is not all as glamorous as it seems

You see some of the most amazing images on social media of people travelling the world and it is all white sand beaches with crystal blue seas, or them standing in front of an amazing monument in some crazy country and you are thinking wow their lives look amazing!! However, what you do not see is the more unglamorous side that travelling also has! Well, unless you can afford the most luxurious hotels and travel then maybe the pictures may be true, but for the most of us, that is not possible if we want to travel the world.

Although travelling is definitely some of the most amazing times I have ever had, it may also be the ugliest (aha just telling the truth here!), with no makeup, clothes you have probably worn too many times now, your skin is getting worse from all the cheap food (but I thought wearing no make-up day in day out, would perhaps counteract this…), and not showering every day may result in you not looking your finest!

Staying in hostels and hotels makes this a lot easier as you can shower whenever you wish and have electricity to spruce up for you hair, but wild camping was a different story. You can shower but many places charged for 5 minutes of hot water, but on some days I would have paid double what they were asking, aha! I think my hair was one of two ways throughout the whole time camping; scrapped back in a ponytail or hiding underneath my hat.


Another very, very, unglamorous side of travelling, especially with wild camping or anything along them lines, is the toilet situation… Yes, I am going to talk about squatting for a wee because it is a very true reality! It sounds silly, but I think this was the aspect of wild camping I was most nervous for! I do not even do it drunk, I always find a toilet but in the middle of Norway, it is hard to find a toilet in the middle of nowhere. But if any of you girls are going, once you have overcome the first one you will be fine and realise this is just what has to be done!


2. What is sleep? And who really needs it anyway?

Travelling = no sleeping pattern!

You are too busy to sleep, whether that’s making sure you are up early so you get a full day exploring, up late still exploring or travelling through the night and reaching a destination at ungodly hours of the morning! And even when you do sleep, it is not the best sleep.

Sometimes when I was travelling Europe, our train would get to our destination at 5 am and then we would have to wander around the city looking for our hostel to only be told we couldn’t go to our rooms until 12! But on a plus, we got to see the city at its quietest and without hundreds of tourists.

Camping on a roll matt in a wet tent definitely taught me that I am not going to get much sleep this trip, haha, but you just have to make the most of it and more often than not you are all excited anyway so forget about sleeping until you reach a big comfy bed and you can sleep for days!

3. The weather!! 

If only we could decide what the weather would do when we were there because the weather sure knows how to turn your day upside down. The saying is very true when away – ‘you can never rely on the weather!’

And I am sure it is always the days you have loads planned that the heavens begin to open and you spend the rest of the day thinking what to do now that you can’t do what you originally planned!!?? Please weather, pretty, pretty please, be nice to us when we go away!



4. Food Glorious Food

Now don’t get me wrong most of the food you have whilst travelling is amazing, testing out all the traditional cuisine and having lots of goodies, especially ice-cream in the summer! But on a budget, it is not always big delicious dishes. When we were away in Norway, we had to stock up on lots of food from the supermarket to take with us. So we ended up eating most nights, the 5-star dish of tinned mackerel on cracker bread with some Coop chocolate chip cookies to finish. However, this did make our pizza after Trolltunga the best pizza I have ever ever had!!



So even if you are on a budget, make sure you do make the most of trying out the local dishes as this is always the best part!

5. It pushes you out your comfort zone, and sometimes it is ok not to be ok! 

Travelling definitely pushes your boundaries and makes you challenge yourself. And with a mixture of the above, it can sometimes make you feel unhappy or stressed! A bit like myself, when I had ever so (mmmm maybe slightly bigger) small moods when I didn’t know which way to go or where we should sleep! I even stress at the airport about luggage. So in these moments do not worry, we all have them and just try to calm down, take a 5-minute break and reorganise yourself! These times are meant to test you but you always come out a stronger person after travelling. These are the little memories that you will treasure forever because you pushed yourself to your limits and done things you probably would never have done if you had not taken this jump!

My best moments are being tired and hiking while eating some ham in a burger bun for lunch! Or waking up in my sleeping bag to the rain falling on our tent. So get up and go explore and just be ready to experience the little more unglamorous side of travelling!

Until next time

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