Fear Driven Memories

I don’t really know where this blog lead, as I’m not sure what to talk to you about? Little Inds as already told you about our big adventures and our small trips. Since this blog started we have had great fun on our journey, we have also had our down days when we have been tired, cold but mostly when we are hungry!

Well, I guess it’s time to make a point and create a direction for this blog. I think I am going to talk about why I travel? This could be boring, interesting or exactly the same as to why you lot travel.



This won’t make sense to a lot of you and is probably the main reason why some people don’t travel however this is the first thing factor or feeling that ignited my inner wanderlust. It’s the fear of growing old to an age where time is no longer in my favour, reflecting upon what I have achieved, without being able to look back upon my experiences of the cultures, sights and sounds the world has to give outside of the town I live in. This is a fear that I will always try to repress however the best way to do this is to get outside and explore.


The Build Up

People normally find the build up to travelling very stressful (Inds probably the most) but I have to say I love it! Being a student provides me with the first part of the build up that I love and this is the puzzle of how I am going to afford it all. Now within this process, you will have to find the cheapest way and time to get there, then the cheapest way to survive out there without missing out on any experiences. Now this puzzle is a struggle but so exciting and challenging and at the end of the day, you know you are going to end up there no matter if you can afford a place to sleep or not.

It also gives me something to look forward to whilst I’m living the robotic day to day life that is my Placement year! I suppose this is the factor that makes travelling that little more addictive as I know it is something that I cannot do every day at this moment! Also, the excitement of not knowing what to expect of my adventures is something that I can daydream about all day whilst sat behind my desk at work.



From the moment that I step outside the airport to the moment that I reluctantly step back in it to come home is an experience which is unique to me and Inds. That thought is something I love knowing that no one will ever experience that journey that we engaged in and if people explored very similar pathways we would still be able to talk about our memories for hours upon hours as we will have been through different circumstances which gave us different experiences of the same country. Writing this blog has brought back memories, I have now created memories that will make me laugh, some will always give me goosebumps (sights of Norway) but luckily I have them stored away for a long time! I’m sure I and Inds have many more memories and stories to come that will, fortunately, never leave us struggling to create a conversation with shit small talk again.


Now we have started to share with you our stories we can always read them back and relive our experiences and if you fancy writing a blog about your experience then contact us and you can be a guest blogger on Stories Of Adventure! 

Until next time

Cole and India

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