A Bright Day in Bakewell

Finally, a weekend has come around where I and Cole can go on an adventure! But we are both too busy to jet off (very very sad) so we had a little trip in the trusty polo. We had loved the Peak district when we went in the summer so after a little research we decided that we would go to Bakewell and put the original Bakewell puddings to the test – I definitely did by having two…


We set off around 11:30 am and with my sat nav skills we were there within the hour. Already just driving through the place looked so cute and I knew I would love it already. Following our tummies we headed straight for some lunch. Lots of people were opting for fish and chips but saving room for a Bakewell we decided to go to a cozy little cafe.


The streets are filled with some high street stores such as Fat Face, Boots and so on, and then are some more independent stores with sweet little gifts or old sweet shops, that we loved! There was a little confusion when finding the original Bakewell store as we thought it was one shop, but we were wrong. It is just round the back of the town on the main road and walk around maybe first to find it!


I did not get a picture because I was too greedy and ate it – I am sorry! But I tested one with icing, the more commonly known Bakewell tart and then, later on, I had the Bakewell pudding, which did not look as appetising as the tart but I actually think I preferred it! So after being a right fatty, we needed to walk around a little so we did a little more exploring.


And now for the main event!! Now as it is Valentines week and seeing that Bakewell had one of these our day was turned very cute and romantic (sorry for those who hate this!). but we did a love lock!! I think I enjoyed doing this far more than Cole but hey we have one. If anyone else wants to do one I bought the lock from Urban Outfitters.


Overall, I loved Bakewell, it was such a cute little quaint town and that is right up my alley! I would recommend to anyone who is in the Peak District or nearby to visit as it is a lovely day out and we was very lucky to have a lovely sunny day.


On the way home, we thought we would make a small diversion and visit Chatsworth House! Although the grounds were gorgeous, I would love to go back and go in the actual house but unfortunately, we arrived quite late and the majority was shut. Nevertheless, we had a little walk and we saw a wedding and some sheep! What a mix aye!


A nice little adventure for us and perfect day trip. Just to show everyone that sometimes the best and most beautiful places are right on your doorstep! So get out and start exploring!

Until next time

India and Cole


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