Entering the Moulin Rouge with The Secret Cinema

This weekend myself and Cole were off to London to travel back in time to 1899 to play our parts in the Moulin Rouge! Cole had actually bought me this for Christmas and we both did not have any idea what it was going to be like, what was going to happen or anything!! We had seen previous secret cinemas on their website but it did not give much away apart from that they looked incredible!


Around a month ago we received an e-mail telling us the secret location in London and what we were to wear and what parts we were to play. Our tickets were the Children of the Revolution and we were told we would become ‘Philosophers, Artists, Curators, Poets and Stars. Be prepared to act, to dance and to love.’ My character was Adele, who was a writer and Cole’s character was a musician called Charles.

So all we knew was that we watched the film and then the place was to turn in a club that did not end till 3 am so instead of having to leave earlier and go back to my house, we thought why not make the weekend of it and book a hotel. Now it wouldn’t be an India and Cole adventure if we did not go wrong somewhere would it now… So when we first got the e-mail it said which tube station we were to meet at but us being us, we got another one in our heads so we booked a hotel near the shard, a 20 minute tube journey from where we were actually meant to be instead of just next door like we had thought we were!! ย To put it shortly, we are plonkers. On the plus side we was in an amazing location for the next day exploring London.

We came back to my house on Thursday night, and left Friday lunch time to go to London. We stayed in the Ibis Style Southwark and for a budget chain hotel it was actually really nice and very quirky! After we had put our bags down, we only had a few hours to grab some food and get ready to be at the location for 6:20 otherwise we would not be allowed in!!

Luckily our hotel was really close to borough market and originally we planned to eat there but as we were walking we saw a poster for the Flat Iron Square, where there was loads of little food stalls. It had such a nice atmosphere and the food was incredible! Cole went for duck and BBQ pulled pork with rice from Ekachai, and I had a palma ham pizza from Baz and Fred. We were both saying how much we loved eating in markets like this and being able to try different foods from around the world with true passion behind it from the people who have created and cooked the food we eat.


But we did not let Borough Market go a miss so we headed over there to grab a sweet treat. With the winds of Dorris not putting us off we both went for ice-cream and milkshakes made from goats milk. I must say the ginger ice-cream I had was honestly the best ice-cream I think I have ever tasted!! And that is a big statement!


Now with only 2 hours until we needed to leave, we headed back to the hotel to get ready (more me who needed the full 2 hours..typical girl). Getting ready was exciting and trying to learn our songs and learn our stories to share when we were there! But it was also nerve wrecking as we didn’t know what to expect and so on but in the end we had nothing to worry about as it was amazing night.

So here we are transformed into our roles of Adele and Charles!


And that was it, we were dressed and ready to step back in time to sing, dance and love and be Children of the Revolution! We may of had a few looks when travelling to the destination on the tube at prime rush hour in the centre of London… Luckily anything goes in London aye!

Now I do not want to give too much away about the night so it is kept secret for those who go or want to go (tickets are still available for dates in March and April) so all I am going to say is it was just incredible! It was such a fun and amazing experience and the organisation did it so well, and we got to drink absinthe, watch Moulin Rouge and sing till we couldn’t no more. I am 100% going to go back to a future secret cinema and would say to everyone they should too! So thank you Cole for such an amazing Christmas present I loved it and I hope you did too, it was so different and fun and I couldn’t have asked for a more fun night!

The next day we woke up feeling slightly dehydrated and peckish from all the cocktails from the previous night. Luckily our hotel come with a complimentary breakfast so we just ate there and headed off to Oxford street to do some shopping. One of my favourite things to do is to just wander around Selfridges and lust after all the things I can’t afford (hopefully yet anyway). We came out at the side entrance and went to explore St. Christopher’s Place, a little courtyard filled with boutiques, cafes and shops. We stopped here for a quick coffee break at the Coffee Workshop.


Slightly perkier, we headed to Carnaby Street. I had seen on Instagram an amazing little cupcake/cake shop called Crumbs and Doilies! And I knew these cupcakes looked good, but I did not expect them to taste as good as good as they did! They were honestly delicious and we actually enjoyed them so much we bought a selection box of six which me, Cole and my mum demolished that night… calories don’t count on a Saturday night do they?!


Each cupcake was different and all equally as tasty. (Top row, left to right: Snickers, Party Ring, Cookie Dough. Bottom row, left to right: Biscoff, Unicorn and Banana and Chocolate).

Due to our late night and walking around all day, we were shattered so headed back at around 3 pm for a night of relaxing and eating cupcakes at my home. But our trip was so much fun and I already want to be back dressed as Adele walking around a mini Paris! Maybe our next trip could be the real Paris (maybe maybe.. or wishful thinking!)

Until next time

India and Cole

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