A Photo Diary: Fun in West Kirby

Welcome back! I hope everyone has been enjoying the first few days of sun we have been having, I know Cole did when he went home at the weekend and spent the weekend adventuring with his sister, nephew and little Jessie! So take it away Cole!

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A Cereal Killer in Nottingham?

PRE-WARN: This post may make your belly rumble!

Easter now is quickly approaching and that means so is the end of the second term and that means my time at university is almost over for good!! That is the scariest but exciting thought ever! So as time is coming to an end my mum decided to arrange a trip up to come and visit.

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The Wishlist Guide: Croatia and Montenegro

Croatia has over the past few years has become very popular, not only amongst travellers but family, friends and couples who want a little getaway. And when you see pictures, you see crystal blue waters, rocky cliffs, white sands and sparkling waterfalls! So this year I can see why it is the up and coming place to go this summer.

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The Wishlist Guide: Paris

Paris has long been a place I have wanted to visit and still almost 21 years into my life I still haven’t been! I see so many pretty images of the Eiffel Tower with rows of pink blossoms trees underneath, where I wish to sit eating a freshly made croissant. This is my dream!

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