The Wishlist Guide: Croatia and Montenegro

Croatia has over the past few years has become very popular, not only amongst travellers but family, friends and couples who want a little getaway. And when you see pictures, you see crystal blue waters, rocky cliffs, white sands and sparkling waterfalls! So this year I can see why it is the up and coming place to go this summer.

However, as well as this little gem there is another gem next door! Montenegro! It is a beautiful country, especially with their gorgeous coastline and scenic mountain ranges. As a result of being lured into the beautiful pictures of beaches and blue water, I am in constant state of Croatia and Montenegro day dreaming!! And in order to stop me thinking about it, I am going to have to go… That is how it works is it not…

Today’s blog then without further ado, will be a guide and itinerary to where I would love to go in both Croatia and Montenegro.

Top places to visit

Dubrovnik (Croatia)

Croatia’s most popular city and now one of the world’s UNESCO world heritage sites, and you can see why when you see pictures of the walled cities against the coloured sea (the sea colour may be a common theme throughout this post). The city is filled with restaurants serving fresh seafood, adventure activities and plenty of beaches.


Split (Croatia) 

Croatia’s second largest city, with a mix of both tradition and modernity. This vibrant city is full of things to see and places to eat and drink. The top place I want to see here is the roman ruins of the Diocletian’s Palace. It is also set against the most beautiful coastal mountain backdrops which contrast amazingly against the turquoise waters of the Adriatic ocean.


Hvar (Croatia)

Hvar is named the ‘Queen of the Dalmatian Islands’ with its rich Mediterranean nature, strong tradition, picturesque architecture and vibrant nightlife. Here you can wander the main square, explore the winding stone streets and take a dip in the warm sea at their many beaches.


Mljet (Croatia)

One of the greenest islands in Croatia, filled with untouched nature, vineyards, olive groves and deep forests. Here you can visit the national or take a boat ride to the Odysseus Cave. In the summer, the sunlight and the sea provides a spectrum of colours with rich deep blues. There is plenty to do on this island such as hiking, cycling, diving, kayaking, and swimming.

Mljet beach

Makarska (Croatia) 

A port town on the Dalmatian coastline known for its beaches, seafront promenade and nightlife. This one of the very few places in Croatia that has sandy beaches, with most being pebble and stone. In Makarska you can also lock in your love on the Sveti Petar peninsula (and if you have been reading our previous blogs you know I am a lover of all things love aha). Not only do they have a love lock bridge but when the sun goes down you can go and live it up all night long in a club that is set in a cave?! The club is called Deep and its a natural cave set on the seafront!


Kotor (Montenegro)

Montenegro’s jewel, Kotor is a medieval old town perched on the waters with mazed cobbled streets and secluded piazzas. Once we have explored the old town, I want to climb the fortress walls and see above the gorgeous town and look out towards the spectacular fjord and then wander around the cathedral of Sveti Tripun.


Budva (Montenegro)

Similar to Kotor, Budva is filled with cafes, restaurants, boutique shops and cool bars. Again situated on gorgeous beaches with the sea just there for you to take a dip. Here is the place if you want to relax on the beach or sit in a coffee shop with an espresso watching the world go by – perfect if you are nosy like myself…

Sveti Stefan luxury touristic resort landscape

Lake Skadar (Montenegro)

Well this picture tells all! It is blissfully pretty!

lake skadar

So there it is a rough guide to where I would like to go in both Croatia and Montenegro. I know most of this but one is along the coast and there is plenty to explore inland but I am being swayed by the blue waters, especially within the summer months. This trip would also be good if you wanted to explore either Slovenia or Bosnia and Herzegovina which both look beautiful too!

Leave any suggestions below I love to hear and see new places which are suggested by you!

Until next time,

India and Cole

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