A Cereal Killer in Nottingham?

PRE-WARN: This post may make your belly rumble!

Easter now is quickly approaching and that means so is the end of the second term and that means my time at university is almost over for good!! That is the scariest but exciting thought ever! So as time is coming to an end my mum decided to arrange a trip up to come and visit.

It was her birthday a few weeks back so as I knew she was coming to visit I booked for us to have afternoon tea at a cafe called the Pudding Pantry in Nottingham. I couldn’t recommend this afternoon tea more it was so so so so so yummy! But you will see pictures soon!

Cole was coming to meet us too for some dinner and maybe a few drinks. It was a bit of a cocktail crawl for me and mum (she’s a bad influence!!). So to begin the night me and mum headed to Vodka Revolutions for 2-4-1 cocktails before heading to Wildwoods for dinner.

Now Vodka Revs do the best expresso martinis with popping candy…. I could drink one now they are so nice and it isn’t even 10 yet!


There he is Mr. Morgan!

But the main attraction of the night was the Boilermaker. I would say this is one the of coolest bars in Nottingham, with its very mundane exterior you wouldn’t think this was even a bar at all. Luckily for us, it was very quiet around the city so we did not have to wait to be seated in the Boilermaker, unlike on a Saturday whereby it gets very very busy and the bar is only first come first serve! We were greeted with a bouncer behind the counter who asked to check our IDs and told us to go through…

Go through where?! There was only one door that said ‘staff toilet’ but being the only door that must be the only way? Now I won’t give it away but we pushed something in the toilet and we were in the bar! Lined with fairy lights and cute candle lit tables.


The waitress came straight over and handed us menus. The cocktails are all so quirky with pea flavored drinks, a bumblebee’s picnic and a cocktail that comes with mint sorbet toothpaste?!

I and Cole ordered a Rum DMC and mum ordered a Cereal Killer! All our drinks came in cool designs and it made the drinks fun to drink too! (queue mini photoshoot)


Full as a button and very very well watered we decided to call it a night. But if you are ever in Nottingham head down to Hockley in search of The boilermaker Bar, I can promise you, you will love it, and since I put some pictures up online I have lots of texts from friends saying I must take them!

9 am we were up and dressed ready for a day of shopping and then to finish our trip with afternoon tea. It felt like me and mum had not had a shopping trip in a long time and boy did we make up for and when we arrived at the pudding Pantry our arms were full of bags and we were glad to have a sit-down.

Our table was laid out with vintage china mugs and a bottle of water. We were slightly earlier than our time booked in so we sat with a tea and a coffee. They also do oat milk here and an oat milk latte is so goood!

But it was well worth the wait! The waitress bought our a three tiered stand full of the biggest sandwiches, colourful cakes, and warm scones!


It was so nice to have big chunky sandwiches compared to small finger sandwiches that are more common at an afternoon tea. However, because the sandwiches were so nice we ended up eating all of them and having not a lot of room left for cakes! Some sandwiches were satay vegetables, halloumi, salami and turkey with a tomato sauce and then finally ham and apple chutney.

And the cakes were, ginger cream macaroon things, pink lemonade cupcakes, lime soda cake and a lemon cheesecake! Many we took home as we just could not fit it in and I may have finished them before the gym the next day… but I worked it off so that is ok isn’t it… I heard calories don’t count at the weekend anyway!

It was a fun filled weekend, full of cool cocktail bars and sweet cakes! I would recommend all places we went too in Nottingham but a tip I would suggest is to make sure you have enough room for cakes!

Until next time,

India and Cole


2 thoughts on “A Cereal Killer in Nottingham?

  1. My goodness – I’m always in for a cocktail and the espresso martinis look SO good! Those cereal ones look funky too. And your afternoon tea – oh my, I would love some of those cakes right about now 🙂

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