Nottingham Gin Festival 2017

I and Cole were both lucky enough to be invited to the Gin Festival in Nottingham! The festival was founded in 2013 by a couple from Leeds, and now it is a non-stop tour around the UK and one of the biggest gin festivals! And I can see why! It was so much fun with over 100 gins to try, cocktails to taste, masterclasses to watch and music to dance too! Being an avid gin lover myself this festival was right up my street and made such a nice different to my cheap gin from Tesco (being a student I have to, unfortunately, budget on my alcohol choice!). So being able to taste all these delightful gins in so many different flavors was so so delish!

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Photo Diary: East Preston Beach and Bluebird Cafe

Following our previous blog, and seeing our photo diary last week was so popular we thought we would continue!

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Dog Walks and Skimming Stones

Justine and Glenn (my family friends who live near Brighton) have the most amazing house called ‘The Beach Hut’ right on the stony beach of East Preston! So after a busy day exploring Brighton, that you would have seen in a previous blog, we were having more of a chilled day in East Preston taking the dogs for a walk along the beach and stopped at the cafe for some treats!

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A Photo Diary: Bright Days in Brighton

Following our blog post from Tuesday Up, Up, and Away and loving our pictures so so much we thought it would be a nice idea to share with you all our pictures from our trip to Brighton! As you only see a small snapshot of our day! Let us know whether or not you would like this for all our trips below, we would love to hear your feedback.

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Up, Up, and Away!

Now Brighton was in our top 10 places to go in the UK and I finally got to show Cole the weird and wonderful place which is Brighton!! I am lucky enough that our family friends have a gorgeous house just outside Brighton in East Preston so with a trip lined up I took the opportunity to show Cole! I knew he would love Brighton, it is very much up his alley!

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