Dog Walks and Skimming Stones

Justine and Glenn (my family friends who live near Brighton) have the most amazing house called ‘The Beach Hut’ right on the stony beach of East Preston! So after a busy day exploring Brighton, that you would have seen in a previous blog, we were having more of a chilled day in East Preston taking the dogs for a walk along the beach and stopped at the cafe for some treats!

cole and poppucole and poppy 1

Again we were so lucky with the weather and we did not even need big coats to walk along!! The beach is lined with some of the most incredible houses, from tiny little houses that have been their forever, or big modern mansions!! One can dream to live in such a location one day!

We spent the walk being silly on the beach, having mini photo shoots and being surrounded by lots of dogs! (Cole’s heaven)

kartwheelcole jump 1india 3beach

At the end of the walk, we went to the Bluebird cafe, a really popular spot of all the dog walkers and beach goers! So on a very sunny Sunday afternoon you can imagine how busy it was! But we found a spot to sit for a while and we had a hot chocolate (I recommend one of the best hot chocolates!) before heading back along the beach to sit in the garden back at the house.

bluebird cafebeach 1

This was also the day we had to leave Brighton and head home! It had been such a fun weekend and I think me and Cole both did not want to leave and wanted to run away back to Brighton. However, Loz (my mum) found us and told us we had to go home!! Don’t worry we got her back with our singing in the car!

I would tell everyone to visit Brighton and Hove as it is one of the most beautiful, vibrant and cultural places to be! And I am glad I finally got to show Cole this part of the world!

Until next time,

India and Cole


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