Tough Mudder 2017

So last year Cole, Emily and George all completed the Tough Mudder Half East Midlands and again this year they decided to do it again and somehow I also got dragged into it!

Leading up to the event all Cole kept telling me was how cold it was and I am sure the week before I was feeling colder and colder by the day! Not what I wanted! I was upping my intake of food in order to have some fat to keep me warm!! However, me being me I had researched all the tips I could and searched all images of the Tough Mudder. Despite being a little nervous too see how it was going to go, I was secretly very excited to get muddy!

The day rolled around and we were all up bright and breezy for our 9 am start time! Just about to leave and doing a mini checklist to make sure we had everything, Emily had only gone and forgotten her waiver!! So we had a quick spontaneous trip to the library before we actually headed off!

But that was it we had arrived at Belvoir Castle in Grantham. We had to leave all our jumpers and warm so lovely layers in the car, and as we stood outside we were already cold! This was not a good start!

tough mudder 1

We checked ourselves in, dropped our bags off and pinned our numbers to our tops and before we knew it we were in the warm up area. Here our dancing and co-ordination skills were put to the test, some of which was questionable and finally we became to feel a little warmer!

tough mudder 2

All warmed up we were moved to the start line!!! That was it we were ready to undertake the Tough Mudder! The atmosphere was so good, with lots of chanting and emphasis on helping one another through the course to help our fellow mudders. We then read out the Tough Mudder pledge before the countdown starter…

tough mudder 3


We were off! Ready to undertake 5 miles and 15 obstacles through mud and water!

The course was so much fun, we walked to muddy swamps, crawled through mud, jumped into freezing cold water, shimmied through muddy tunnels, carried tree trunks, climbed over 10 foot walls, and run and hoped for the best up everest!! It would take me forever to explain each one and the extent of how muddy we got so I thought the photos tell the story better!!

tough mudder 6tough mudder 5tough mudder 4tough mudder 8tough mudder 15tough mudder 5tough mudder 7tough mudder 14tough mudder 12tough mudder 9tough mudder 11tough muddr 10tough mudder 16tough mudder 19tough mudder 17tough mudder 18

With only a few injuries a long the way and a few pitch stops thanks to lucazade and TREK, we have never looked so happy to be caked in mud! (some of the facial expressions in these pictures are an image!) Also, what do you think of our lovely tattoos, should we get them permenant?! Especially Goerge’s ‘Big booty bitches’?!

Through-out the course everyone is there to give you hand if you can’t get up and always motivate you that you can do it! My favourite obstales were mud mile and everest (only because I managed it first time wooo!), but overall it was so much fun!

After 3 hours we were sprinting 100m to the finish line and was to be greeted by our Tough Mudder headbands, t-shirts and lot of goodies including a nice cold cider (it was 12pm so it was allowed), protein shakes, protein bars and lucazade!

tough mudder 10tough mudder 11tough mudder 4tough mudder

Despite being covered in mud and just having completed a Tough Mudder we were all buzzing and downing our ciders with big grins on our faces!

We hanged around the Tough Mudder villiage a little while after were we had photos taken, a few more ciders, and a rest before heading back home for a well deserved maccies!

Overall the tough mudder experience was so much fun and I would definitley do it again and maybe even take on the full Tough Mudder…maybe…! I loved the day and despite at some points being extremely chilly, I really enjoyed it and wouldn’t have been able to do it without Emily, George, and Cole, who let me stand on their shoulders, sit on their shoulders, be carried and pushed me up! So thank you you guys!

Very bruised bodies (especially poor Emily!) and achey muscles were the consequence, but for all the laughs it was worth it!

Want to take on the challenge? Events are held all across the UK!

> <<

Until next time

India and Cole

(Thank you Tough Mudder for all images)


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