Spring afternoons in Dovedale

Yayyy, we are back! After missing a few blog posts over the past few weeks we are back on it! It had felt like forever since we did our last day trip or even weekend so on Sunday afternoon we had decided to go out and explore.

We had seen Dovedale before when were looking to go to the Peak District (almost a year ago now!!) and it looked so beautiful and the main attraction in Dovedale is the stepping stones! So, we jumped in the car and began the journey to Dovedale, which may have been slightly longer than necessary due to the sat nav taking us to the wrong place… so a 50-minute journey may have taken 1 hour and 30 mins.


But we arrived anyway! It is a popular little destination in the Peak District and there were lots of families and groups of people having a Sunday afternoon stroll.


We walked along the river Dove until we reached the stepping stones, where we dipped our toes (or if we are Cole went knee deep) and made our way across the stepping stones! However, due to it being very busy you had to queue to go over the stones.


Cole also decided that he would try and climb a tree, which ended in a near-death incident (plonker) but luckily he did not hurt himself, but even better I caught it all on video!!


But once surviving, there were two ways to choose from, one was to continue along the river Dove and the other was a steep climb up the hill! We decided to take the more challenging route and go up hill! Having hiked lots in Norway I assumed this would be abreeze but my god am I out of practice now and was so out of breathe, why does climbing up hills make you realise how unfit you are?!


About half way up we saw some children coming down, sliding down on their bums! And they were literally shooting down! With it looking so fun we decided to give it a go and oh my was it fun!! It may seem a little dangerous sliding down a steep steep hill on your bum but it was truly worth it.

After a good 20 minutes of sliding down hills and filming ourselves, we finished the last of the climb and made it to the top! Woooo!


The views from the top were spectacular and was an endless amount of beautiful green English countryside. And Cole even celebrated with his best handstand!

Heading back down I may have slipped and fallen on my bum four times in the space of 2 minutes, so be careful when coming down this very steep hill and trying to keep up with Cole.


Back in the car and heading back to Nottingham, we both really enjoyed our spontaneous trip to Dovedale and was really lovely to get out and explore more of the Peak District.

Until next time,

India and Cole


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