The Norfolk Broads

After having over a month off finish university, work placements, and just generally enjoying special times in our lives we are back!! The past few weeks have been a whirlwind with lots of events taking place and unfortunately, my little hobby of blogging had to take a back seat and I admit it has taken a lot of motivation to start writing again. But here we are at the end of June (where has the time gone) and we are back with already a few adventures under our belts. I hope you have been enjoying the first of the summer sunshine and getting out there and exploring yourself!

Going back a few weekends now, myself and Cole were sat on a 3-hour train from Nottingham to Wroxham in Norfolk! We were meeting my family and lots of family friends there to celebrate our family friends wedding anniversary. I had been to the Norfolk Broads before when I was younger, but Cole had never been before so I was excited to take him out on the boats and show him around.


We were a small group of 31… so we were split into 4 houses. Our house was gorgeous and was right on the waterfront with a little rowing boat and a big boat! Our house was for 8 people, and we were sharing with my mum and dad, Jane, Joe, and Aimee (Another blogger, check her blog out she’s amazing). We were welcomed to a little packet of coffee, bacon, sausages, egg, and even a Scotch egg, which was all locally sourced.


The first night was designated to having a few drinks to celebrate and playing beer pong! I and Cole did sneak off to test our row boat skills, which I admit was not too good, mainly due to the swans scaring the life out of me!!! Which resulted in me shouting at Cole to get me out of the boat and him belly laughing at me!

The next day we were all up and out of the boats. We were heading towards Holt which was about an hour and a half away on the little chug boats that had come with the houses! Along the way, we saw some lovely houses and we got to sit on the front of the boat and soak up the sun and the views! Everyone was very cheery with lots of other ‘sailors’ waving at us or cheering our champagne glasses (if you haven’t guessed it was a very alcohol fueled weekend). We all took turns to take control of the boat so from now on we will accept the names captain India and captain Cole if you don’t mind, thank you.


Eventually, we reached the little village of Holt where we stopped for some lunch at a local pub before heading back to the boats to go back to the house. Once we were back we again testing our abilities back on the row boat since we had tackled the big boat! But despite all the practice, it was even hard to get out of our bay let alone up the river!! We were right shown up when Aimee and Joe went on and shot up the river leaving me and Cole scratching our heads on how they have done that!


The Norfolk Broads is a lovely place in the world, and the time spent there was very enjoyable! However, the little boats only have one speed and that is snail pace so it can take a bit of time to get to each town and as a result, can’t go too far unless you have a lot of time! But other than that, it very relaxing and enjoyable!

Until next time,

India and Cole

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