Typical Tourists in Paris

We woke up in our big comfy bed excited to see Paris and for me especially the Eiffel Tower!! We were up, ready and out by 10-am heading towards the Louvre Museum as we wanted to head to the river. Our hotel was roughly a 20 minute walk and took us through some little streets that we would not have seen otherwise.

As this was both our first times in Paris we wanted to see all your typical tourist spots and if we ever go back we would explore other places more! So our plan for our full was day was to walk up the river up to the Arc de Triomphe, walking up avenue Champs-Elysees, then across the river seine to the Eiffel Tower, past Museum D’Orsay (which we planned to do the following day) and down to Notre Dame and then back to the hotel! So one big loop and lots of walking! I would say if you can walk rather than get the metro as honestly everywhere you look it is just beautiful and interesting, and if you are on the metro you miss some of the beauty that the city has to offer.

Our little bellies were rumbling so walking along we stopped at a stall which sold pastries, quiches and crepes and this was my first taste of a french chocolate twist croissant and it was heavenly! If I could I would live of pastry!

We were nicely full and headed to get photos in front of the Lourve (you know what I mean typical tourists)! It was not too busy whilst we had our photos and took turns in taking our pictures. Cole here split his shorts – plonker – whilst jumping up on to one of the blocks which provided us with some laughter!


Laughing (me more than Cole) we heading along the river Seine and for a second took a seat on a bench in the shade to re-apply some sun cream as it was already about 34 degrees!! We must of picked one of the hottest weeks to go to Paris! We stopped at one of the bridges were we spotted a man with about 15 dogs all jumping in the river to cool off which was so nice to watch, and we was even slightly jealous of the dogs going in the water and cooling off!


Pulling a reluctant Cole away from the dogs we headed in Tuileries Garden, which is just opposite the Louvre. Here we saw lots of people sat in the shade reading or watching the world go by, or playing a game of bowels against their friends. It was very relaxing and was lined with big trees and lots of statues. At the top of the park we were greeted by a big pond and off to the side was a little ice cream truck! The ice cream truck was called Amorino and I am sure we saw others around Paris too, but they come in big flowers! Just like you see on Instagram and was absolutely beautiful! I had the small, which was relatively big, with my three flavors being chocolate, pistachio, and coffee! Cole did not have one in the end, I was very surprised considering he is the biggest ice cream lover but he did not miss out with lots of licks of mine in the end! And he agreed that the ice cream was so so good and he is the ice cream connoisseur so he is a trusty review!!


After a nice cooling ice-cream we reached the top of the road and we were on Champs-Elysees! Along the way we nipped in and out of the stores and saw the Louis Vuitton flagship store, which was honestly a maze inside of amazing bags, shoes, clothes and even home ware!

Then we were greeted to the Arc de Triomphe and the crazy round about that surrounds it! We really wanted to go to the top so we could have our first sighting of the Eiffel tower and a panoramic view of the city! I did originally want to go to the top of the Eiffel Tower but why have a view of Paris without the iconic Eiffel Tower?!

Also on a plus because we were between the ages of 16-25 we were allowed to the top for free!! And we found that this is benefit for us in most museums and attractions in Paris, so remember that for future plans! The views from the top were spectacular!


Now the time was around 2-pm and having walked what felt like miles our breakfast had definitely been walked off! We wandered back down Champs-Elysees as we had seen a number of cafes along the way. We wanted to eat to begin with in Laduree but seeing the prices we decided against it and ate in the restaurant next door where we had big scrummy pizzas. But don’t worry I did go back to Laduree and buy 6 of their famous macaroons!!


Next stop the Eiffel Tower! This did not disappoint! I had seen it in all the films and in pictures but honestly it is amazing! I was not disappointed that we did not go up the Eiffel Tower as I loved sitting on the grass opposite and just taking it in, in all its glory!


We sat there for a while for one to take in the view and two too cool down in the shade from the 37 degree heat and we were struggling as you will see Cole below!


We pulled ourselves away from our delightful view and heading back along the river Seine towards Notre Dame, where Cole bought a really cool painting! A little birthday memory from Paris!


Knackered, slightly burnt and with sore feet we were ready to go back to the hotel to shower and get ready for our night! We had had an amazing day exploring Paris and I loved every minute of it, its just so incredibly beautiful! My phone had run out of battery so back to the good old fashioned map was the answer, but luckily we made it back! We walked through some really cool places that were buzzing with atmosphere! I would love to tell you where about we were but I can’t even recognize it on google maps!!


To end the day we went to a french restaurant literally right next to our hotel which was a 5/5!! And then we wandered back down to the river Seine so we could see the Eiffel Tower light up in it thousands of lights which was beyond beautiful! We were luckily enough to see the lights go twice before heading back and resting our little heads before another day!

Best day ever!!

Until next time,

India and Cole








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