Mamma Mia the Musical

So, myself and my mum had the 10th August free for a long time and we knew that we would spend the day in London but doing what we was not sure? We had many plans from visiting Alexander Palace or Hampton Court Palace, but both being booked up we decided what about a musical? Looking online a few weeks before, it was hard to find two tickets that were not incredibly expensive, until we saw Mamma Mia! My mum had seen it before but she said she saw it in 2000 so 17 years ago!! And I had never seen it so we both thought yes lets go! I had watched the film at the weekend and I was singing a long and getting super excited. If you have not seen it I would 100% recommend both the film and the musical if you have the chance!!

Novello Theater.jpg

Mamma Mia was not meant to start until 3 pm so being a shopaholic me and my mum said lets go up to Oxford street for a few hours and then walk from there to the theater, which was near Covent Garden. If you can, I would skip getting the tube when you are in London (unless it is miles away where your destination is) because you just see some of the most amazing locations and even our walk from Oxford Street to Covent Garden, entailed a walk down Reagent Street, Piccadilly Circus and Leicester Square, all the tourist locations! It also only took us 30 minutes to walk between both locations too!

Covent Garden

Once we had found the theater, we headed for a quick bite to eat. There are so many spots for food in Covent Garden and we stopped at Le Pain Quotidien which was delicious! I must admit mum made a better food choice than me.

Lunch Covent Garden 2Lunch Covent GardenLunch mum

But now time for the main event! Mamma Mia! We were sat in the grand circle with some little chocolates which we had purchased from the bar and we were ready! This musical was amazing, I mean it was honestly one of my favorites!! It was funny, it was cheesy, it was happy and upbeat, people were up dancing and singing, everything you want in a Musical and it was so good the time flew by! And because you know all the songs you couldn’t help but sing a long!

Novello Theater 2Novello Theatre chocolate

The musical ended at half 5 and we had dinner reservations at Roka at half 6 so we headed across the road to Radio Rooftop Bar, which we had heard lots of good reviews about, and seeing as it was a lovely day (finally) we thought why not. This was an extremely swanky rooftop bar with the most amazing views of the London Sky line, but a swanky bar in London does come with a price tag so I would say if you are on a budget perhaps only have a soft drink!


The sun was beating down on us and we were sipping our drinks with the best view, we could not have asked for anything more! However, half 6 rolled around very quickly and we had to pull ourselves away from the Radio Bar!

India Place 2

(Found my street! Just a little extra for the blog aha)

Luckily enough our restaurant was literally around the corner. My mum had found a Groupon deal for the award winning Roka restaurant in Aldwych and never really having tried Japanese food before we thought we would go for it. It was a set menu for £33 per person, including a glass of champagne. We literally had so much food!! Not even joking I think the set menu come with four, yes four, starters!! Along with a main and desert. All the food was so flavorful and beautifully presented, and with having the set menu we had dishes we probably would never have picked ourselves. Mum even tried Sashimi (raw fish) which I could not stomach! But everything else was delicious!


Roka 1Roka 2Roka 3Roka 4Roka 5

That was it, our day in London was done and my feet were ready to sit on the train home! It had been a lovely day exploring our capital city and enjoying some time with my mum. We both said we just love coming to London just for the atmosphere and even if we do the same thing over and over again (aka shopping on Oxford Street) we just love seeing all the people wandering around and just enjoying the amazing scenes of London!

One last note I want to say a big thank you to Mamma Mia, Radio Rooftop bar and Roka for an amazing day and service!

Until next time,

India and Cole


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