I’ve Been Nominated for the Liebster Award 2017!

Thank you so so much to April from the Travelling Wanderer for nominating us to take part in the Liebster awards! I am very honored that you have chosen us to be one of your nominations it means a lot!

If you are thinking what an earth is a Liebster award?! I am about to let you know! The award is an online award and is given to bloggers by other bloggers. It is to help promote and connect fellow bloggers and generally help and support those out there doing the same as us and hopefully, show our readers who inspire and interest us so you can enjoy them too!

So The Travelling Wandered has given me 11 (plus one bonus) questions to answer so you get to know me, India, a little bit better! Then I will list my nominations and 11 questions I wish for them to answer.

I hope you enjoy!


Tell us about your blog and what inspired you to start it?

If there is a takeaway you want visitors to leave your blog with what is it?

You do not have to go abroad to see some amazing places. We rarely go abroad compared to a lot of other travel bloggers who are constantly on the go! But being students it is hard for us to go whenever we like so the message I would like people to take away from Stories of Adventure is no matter how big or small your adventure is, whether you are in Nepal or Norfolk, you can still explore and see the world’s wonders!

Describe yourself in 3 words.

Mmmmmmm! Clumsy, Vibrant, hard-working.


Would you like to explore deep-sea or outer space?

Outerspace! I have a mini fear of sea creatures touching my skin and even in the shallow end, I am thinking what is under my feet! I remember swimming with the turtles in Barbados and had to immediately get out! So I would have to say the outer space, as I would love to see the endless stars and the earth from afar!

If you could go without sleep what would you do with the extra time?

Walk! I love walking here there and everywhere! Especially if I could transport myself to amazing places whilst I am meant to be asleep. I would love to just walk for miles and miles, and take in all the scenery around me. This is one reason I loved Norway as we just walked up to the most amazing viewpoints!


What advice would you give to new (or seasoned) bloggers?

Do what you want! There are so many things out there that teach you ‘how to make money from your blog’ or ‘increase your traffic with these top ten tips’, but for me blogging has just been a hobby which has been an amazing journey from just starting out with my mum reading to have friends, family, and even now people from the blogging community, and the world! When I look at my statistics on WordPress and see that people from the USA or Japan are reading I am amazed!! So my advice would be to write what you want, post when you want, and just do what you enjoy because if you have a lot of passion that will shine through and your blog will start to flourish and you will have your treasured readers!

How do you create new content when it seems like everything has already been done?

Luckily for our blog, our aim is to share with our readers our stories of our adventures we have been on and the funny little stories which come along! So each of our stories is unique. However, sometimes my life is not the most exciting and I do not travel so I sat thinking what does a travel blogger write about when I am not traveling?! I just try to think of posts I could create from previous blogs. For example, our trip to Norway allowed us to create lots of little blogs on each day, or why people should visit, or how to budget. Or even though you may think some blogs have been done before, for example like our bucket list, hundreds of bloggers have probably done this before but they will not have the same as you so just create your own! And to be honest our Ultimate Bucket List is one of our most popular blogs on our site!

bright 22

What are your top 3 travel destinations?

This is so tough as I just want to go everywhere!! But narrowing it down I would have to say Iceland, Italy and India (all the I’s!).

What is your most embarrassing moment?

So, actually, my most embarrassing moment did not happen that long ago! For forever now I have wanted my second lobe ear piercing done and after my last exam after finishing my degree I thought I will get it done then as a well done to myself! My other friend was getting a piercing too so I thought perfect. However, if you know me you know I suffer from extremely bad nerves and get myself worked up about the silliest of situations! I was waiting to go into the room and was so so hot and couldn’t stop telling my friend Katie how nervous I was (honestly India pull yourself together you are getting your ears pierced!!! Babies get this done!!!) Whilst waiting I even lost my medical sheets, which I should have taken as a sign it was going to go downhill! But that was it my name was called and I was sat about to get them done. The pain wasn’t even bad but as soon as a stood up I was trembling and the room was going completely white! Everyone was all excited as I come out with my new look and I had not even had a chance to see what it looked like, all I could think was I need fresh air. To get out you needed to go down a flight of stairs which at the top of I went white and felt extremely heavy and went to step down by completely missed and fell down the stairs! Katie (my hero!) thankfully caught me and stopped me from probably breaking a bone! But I think everyone saw my bum due to being in a little skirt and probably not very well covered pants!!!! And to make it, even more, embarrassing a girl come over to my friend and said ‘Oh my god what did she have done?!’ and my friend plainly replied ‘her ears pierced’.

Safe to say I will not be returned to the shop or having any sort of tattoo or piercing!

If you could have a super power what would it be?

I think I would like to be able to time travel! I would go back to all the cool eras and be a disco diva or a hippy! And then I would travel into the future and see what the world holds for everyone I know!

What do you want to accomplish in life?

The main thing I want to accomplish in life is just to live life to the fullest! I have seen too many horrible things happen to people so young that have taught me that you should not waste life and you should appreciate everyone and everything around you and just treasure every moment! You do not know what tomorrow may bring.

Bonus question!! Where can you find us on social media?

Instagram: @stories_ofadventure

Twitter: @storiesofadvent

Facebook: @storiesofadventure


I hope you enjoyed reading my answers! Now here are my nominations for the Liebster Award and my 11 questions for them.

My nominees! All amazing bloggers and deserve to be noticed for all their hard work, make sure you go and check them out.

@Aimée Eliza

@Jess’ Adventure Blog

@Tea Bees Trips

@Little Earth Girl 

@Jennifer Grieve

The questions;

  1. Why did you start blogging?
  2. Who is your biggest inspiration? And why?
  3. If money was no object, what is the one thing you would absolutely love to do?
  4. Tell us about your best ever day.
  5. where is your favorite place to go in the world?
  6. What is your favorite social media platform?
  7. What are you blogging goals for the next year?
  8. What number 1 tip would you give to someone who has just started blogging?
  9. What has been your favorite post whilst blogging?
  10. Pick one photo that you love and tell us the story behind it!
  11. Who would you take on a year long trip away?

So my nominees all you have to do is answer these 11 questions along with 5-11 nominations of your own! 


I have loved writing this blog post for the Liebster Award and found some amazing bloggers along the way. Thank you again, April for the nomination!

Until next time,

India and Cole


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