Seeing the Sights of Lincoln

My mum and dad are big big fans of the superbikes and follow them around England to watch. So, the weekend just gone was Cadwell Park, just outside of Lincoln. And with nothing for me to do, my mum suggested going with them to camp and go to Lincoln on Saturday, but this did mean enduring the motorbikes all day Sunday, which I agreed could be bearable. So, yes I said and on Friday we were off to Cadwell!

We were honestly so unlucky with the traffic on the way there and a journey which was supposed to take just over 2 hours took us almost 4!! I am rubbish at journeys but I think I did quite well and only asked ‘are we there yet’ twice! We even had thunderstorms and torrential rain throughout the journey which was making us worried about camping that night. But we arrived at a dry campsite and quickly put the tent up and had dinner before heading to bed.


On Saturday the boys headed off to the track to see the first day of the bikes whilst us ladies jumped in the car to Lincoln. I had always wanted to see Lincoln as so many people had spoken about how lovely it was so I was excited to see! When we were driving around the city you could already see the amazing cathedral which just beautifully dominated the landscape.


We headed straight for Steep Hill, which is what the name says, a very steep hill which takes you up to Bailgate where the cathedral sits. Along this road were so many cute little boutique stores, cafes, bars, and tearooms which were buzzing with a lovely atmosphere. The hill definitely got the glutes fired up, and we were pleased when we were at the top!


At the top, there was a market with some delicious food and we saw an amazing cake company! But we could see the cathedral peaking over the gate at us so we headed straight for there. It was beautiful! It was so grand and standing the sunshine it looked amazing. You could also go inside for free but if you wanted to go around the cathedral you had to pay an entrance fee. We were not so fussed about seeing the whole inside so we just nipped in and again it did not disappoint (as you can see from the pictures below!).


There was also such a cute line of houses opposite the cathedral. Imagine having that as your view from your bedroom! I wouldn’t moan I know that!


For the rest of the day, we headed back down Steep Hill and explored the town, whilst popping in and out of shops and down along the river. Here we stopped in the quaintest little cafe, whereby the waiters and waitresses were dressed up! We had the traditional cream tea (SCONES TO DIE FOR!), before heading back to camp.


The next day was spent at Cadwell Park watching the motorbikes with my dad. It was not actually as bad as I was expecting and some of the races were quite exciting.


It was a really lovely weekend, especially our girls day in Lincoln! I loved this city, it was quaint, cute, and very pretty, which is right up my street. The cathedral especially was the highlight of my day.

Until next time,

India and Cole


4 thoughts on “Seeing the Sights of Lincoln”

  1. Lovely that you liked Lincoln, I live around 25 minutes away so Im there most weekends and Its lovely! Would also recommend walking down the river front of Brayford Wharf where there are a number of restaurants!😊

    Sarah | xx


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