The Most Amazing House in Cornwall

Thursday morning I was up bright eyed and bushy tailed standing on the platform at Paddington station ready to undertake my journey to Newquay, Cornwall. I had been to Cornwall previously and it is just one of the most beautiful parts of England and I urge everyone to go and visit at some point! You just would not believe you are even in England with the white sand beaches and turquoise sea!

My aunt and uncle were already there and had booked last minute. I had been told that the house was AMAZING!!! And they were not lying, the house was wonderful! Never had I ever stayed in a house like it.

The company in which they booked with was called Porthleven Holiday Cottages. They are a company based in Porthleven (blogs on this beautiful place next week) which offer luxury, self-catered, dog-friendly holiday cottages in and around Porthleven. They are also extremely friendly and helpful, with them helping Tracey with her booking and when we popped into the offices to say hello, they were all smiling, chatty, and willing to help us with any questions we had.

Now on to the house!! The Tregoose Farmhouse was just outside Porthleven literally in the middle of nowhere, it felt like we had to actually off road to get to it! Perfect to come back to after our busy days exploring and just what we wanted. The dogs could bark as much and as loudly as they wished!!


The farmhouse was a 6 bedroom house and even come with a swimming pool (however this was currently not working but was being fixed). There was also a kitchen, dining room, and living room with a log burner. Despite it being August we lit the fire, we just had too.


Us girls were constantly saying, ‘ooh I love that I wonder where that is from?’, whilst checking all labels on literally everything! I resisted the urge to put the cosiest blanket in my suitcase home but don’t worry Porthleven Holiday Cottages I did leave it there, sadly.


The house was filled with everything you would need and every single draw in the kitchen was filled with at least something from kitchen towels, serving platters, water jugs, even scones, jam, and cream on arrival! All bedrooms also come with a hairdryer and flashlight (due to the extreme darkness at night). So, all your needs were certainly covered here at Tregoose Farmhouse.


Above was my little room ^

Now I have covered the beauty of the house, let me move on to the beauty of the garden! It was just filled every inch with brightly colored flowers and even herbs, fruit, and veg growing! I spied some tomatoes and rhubarb growing in there. The garden backed onto the gorgeous Cornish countryside, so sitting in the afternoon sun taking in this view was just perfect.


Now whilst the whole house was beautiful, I must say my favorite spot was in the dining room sat on the bay window!


I would highly recommend Porthleven Holiday Cottages if you are ever coming to Cornwall! All their cottages on their website look beautifully decorated and have such a wide variety to suit everyone’s needs, whether you need a 2 bed or a 6 bed they have you covered. You can ever hire these cottages over Christmas and New Year and they decorate the house for you!! How beautiful would Tregoose Farmhouse look decorated?!?!?

The Farmhouse overall felt so cozy, a house in which you felt at home in as soon as you stepped in the front door, and many memories were made here which will be cherished in our hearts! Below is a video of our time in Cornwall!


Thank you to the team at Porthleven Holiday Cottages, we had the best holiday! Hopefully see you again soon!

Until next time,



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