Discover Porthleven

I have been to Cornwall a number of times but never before had I visited or even heard of Porthleven. I can’t believe I never had because it was so beautiful.

Porthleven is England’s most southerly port and is literally brimming with history. This quaint little port is so picturesque, with white cottages contrasting again the bright blue sea, and filled with shops and restaurants.

As we had the dogs we needed a bit of a walk rather than sitting in the pub garden which the sun was telling us to do! We drove through Porthleven and up a slight hill to the start of the coastal path. The path took us through the green countryside where cows stared very intimidatingly at us. The path then continued along the cliffs above the crashing waves, whereby we spotted rock coves, disused mine workings, look out points, and memorials.


At the bottom of the path, there was a long stretch of beach whereby dogs can go. We were walking along the beach and spotted a huge lake at the back, whereby the dogs enjoyed a little swim. The lake reminded me of a fjord from my time in Norway!


The sand was incredibly soft under our feet and the sun was beating down on us. You would think we were in somewhere like Spain rather than England! We also spotted a number of stacked rocks! This is often done to help hikers keep track of their route, or even can be done for meditation purposes.


Heading back towards Porthleven port, the little streets were filled with cute cottages, all of which were mainly owned by Porthleven Holiday Cottages! There were some beautiful homes with big windows that looked out onto the crystal blue seas, we were definitely mentally remembering all the nicest ones for our next trips.


Further along the coast dogs are not permitted on the beach closer to Porthleven, so for all dog owners please be aware of this.

When we reached the port we were greeted by busy streets with a buzzing atmosphere. You could get lost in this little village filled with Cornish charm by wandering aimlessly finding independent boutiques, cafes, restaurants, pub and ice cream parlors. Later in the week, we ate in the famous Rick Steins restaurant, but more of this to come!


The port itself faces the south west and consequently, the village is victim to prevailing winds which in the winter causes huge waves that crash over the sea defenses and drench the houses. People actually come in the winter to witness these storms! Which I myself are keen to do!


I loved Porthleven and for me, it was just how you would picture Cornwall in your head. And don’t worry we had the true Cornish experience by having Kelly’s Cornish clotted cream ice cream!

Until next time,



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