Past, Present, and Future

Now the summer is over and what an incredible, fun-filled, and some what eventful summer it has been! From having my last ever sociology exam in May, turning 21 in June, graduating in July and being about to start my Masters in September, it has been full of emotions!

Now I know Stories of Adventure is primarily a travel blog but with the idea that I’ll be studying extremely hard (hopefully with little procrastination), I thought I may find it difficult to keep up my weekly travel blog posts and I did not want to leave you, my lovely readers left without any posts! Thinking about the way I could keep up with Stories of Adventure, I thought why not share with you my new adventure with some travel in between! This new section called ‘My Masters Adventure’ will include a variety of posts from what I am learning, to tips and advice about postgraduate study.

graduation 2.jpg

Previously I studied at Nottingham Trent University doing an undergraduate degree in Sociology. I graduated in July with a 1st class honors degree, which to this day still surprises me and makes me so proud of myself!! Throughout my degree, I was constantly in limbo of what I wished to do after my degree and in 2016 when I started my blog I was shown a whole new world from a career within sociology. This is when I had the idea of a journalist! I considered all options and felt it was best to undertake a master in Magazine Journalism.

So, this is where it begins, the new chapter in my life becoming an MA. I am still continuing my study at Nottingham Trent University as the Journalism center and teaching is said to be outstanding. I am very much looking forward to learning something completely new and interesting, and now even more excited that I am able to share with you my adventure. I am a nervous (typical India) to start a whole new degree, especially at this level, and without having much idea of how the year will pan out but with lots of phone calls to my mum and new course friends I am sure it will be fine as long as I study hard!


I hope to give some people who were like me, a little confused about what to do, or want more of an insight into what a masters course entails, some advice and real life experiences.

But, do not worry! Travel will still be my priority and I still will continue to provide you with some more fun memories and experiences from across the world!

I hope you enjoy the new series!

Until next time,


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