Sunny Days in St Ives

My trip to Cornwall now feels a lifetime ago now I am back at university but the sunny day in St Ives remains there in my memories! It was here I had my delicious Cornish pasty and got very red shoulders!

St Ives is truly beautiful, especially in the summer sun, although a downside to this was that it was extremely busy with all the other explorers. This has long been a jewel in Cornwall with golden sand beaches, blue seas, and even palm trees!! This little fishing port is spectacular and the bay is lined with fish and chips shops, ice cream stalls, and independent boutiques.


After hunting for a car parking space, we managed to park at the rugby club which had tons of spaces so if you are ever there at peak times remember this! The rugby club is located at the top of the hill and is an easy 5-minute walk to the village but don’t worry there is also a bus to help you go back up the hill after too many Cornish pasties!

We headed straight for the bay and stopped and had a quick ice cream before going down onto the beach to let the dogs have a runaround and cool off by paddling our toes in the sea.


We slowly walked around the port which was lined with deck chairs you could hire and many people sitting outside of cafes watching the world go by. Reaching the end of the port wall we perched ourselves up on the wall to have a bite to eat! I and Tracey went on a quick walk to pick up some fish and chips and then a Cornish pasty for myself, and wasn’t it scrumptious!


To stop ourselves from falling asleep under the sun in a carb coma, we decided to explore the little town and see what shops were about. Unfortunately, having four dogs and an extremely town it was hard for us to have a wander around. So after being tangled up in dog leads, we felt it would be best to head back to the car and return home.


Although it may have been a quick visit to St Ives, it did not make this little town any more spectacular. There is so so much to do within St Ives with it being very big on the art scene and also has extremely good beaches for catching the waves! So I would love to return and explore what St Ives has to offer, when hopefully a little less busy!


Where is your favorite place to go in Cornwall if you have been? I would love to know and go and explore them myself!

Until next time,



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