My University Room

So two weeks have passed now and I have had my induction week and my first full week of my Master’s course! I felt it was time to start sharing with you my master’s journey, and what a way to begin by showing you around my new room which will be my home for the next year.

Now if you have ever been to university or visited friends and family at university you know that once you move out of halls into a house or flat, they aren’t the best of houses unless you are very lucky to get your hands on them rare amazing student houses! It normally consists of mix match furniture, strange carpets and in my case very small oddly shaped rooms.

When you first enter your room it looks completely bare and you think, well I know I did and especially my mum did “oh my this is horrible”, but think of this as a positive because it gives you the opportunity to make it yours and that for me means super cozy and homely. So do not worry if you get there and are faced with a terrible room because once your own stuff is in it, it really starts to take shape.

My mum and I packed up the car and I mean full to the brim!! Luckily no one else wanted to come with us because they would have had to of meet us there!! You won’t believe how much stuff you have until you try and pack it all up into the car.

We arrived at flat number 4 (my favorite number and said to be my lucky number for 2018) and just about managed to carry all the boxes upstairs!! Seeing how little my room was and how many boxes we had we both looked at each other and both knew we were both thinking, where the hell is still all going to go! But after only an hour, we had unpacked and most things had a place in the room. In the afternoon we headed into town as there were just a few finishing touches that we needed such as a new chair (the one here was absolutely awful), some little bits to go on the wall, a wash bin, and maybe some clothes, which I mean is not necessarily needed but it’s in the room right?!


White bedding      Silver sequined pillow

So let me give you the tour! I have linked some of the newer stuff I have bought also.

The room consisted of a double bed (win! They are often only queen size), a wardrobe, a storage unit, chest of drawers, and a desk!

I will start with the storage unit, which I was so happy about as it’s a nice way to display lots of little bits.


Roberts Radio       Cooper file holder      Green and Gold tins     Looking for trouble trinket tray

And now for my desk/beauty table, I suppose.


No university room would be complete without some cute pictures and for me cool little postcard from Paperchase #mytypeonpaper. (Calendar also available from Paperchase)

Desk mirror     Blue velvet desk chair      Cooper pen holder      Green and gold notepad

And finally, for me, no room I stay in would be complete without cute bunting and fairy lights of course!!


You would not believe how much nicer it now looks now all my little bits and bobs have found their homes! I am really starting to love spending time in here, either doing work or watching endless episodes of Mr. Selfridge!

I hope you like it and maybe even take some inspiration! What is your university room like?

Until next time,


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