The House Style Exhibition at Chatsworth House

On Sunday I ventured into the Peak District to visit Chatsworth house! Not only is it the most picture postcard stately home but it has also housed 5 centuries of the most incredible fashion pieces from Dior to Helmut Lang. I went on the last day of the exhibition on the 22nd October 2017, so I am going to share with you the delights I was lucky enough to see.

Chatsworth House SOA

House Style has been 6 years in the making and spans the 30 staterooms in Chatsworth House. Lady Laura Burlington found the hidden treasures whilst rifling through some old boxes in the house! What an amazing find! She then contacted her friend Hamish Bowles, American Vogue editor, who helped her curate this amazing exhibition. This is Chatsworth’s most ambitious exhibition, especially with its sponsors being the wonderful fashion brand Gucci. The unlikely romance has produced one of my favorite exhibitions I have seen to date.

I purchased my ticket online, which allowed me entry into the house where the exhibition was as well as the gardens. However, Chatsworth House itself is amazing! I have been there previously just to wander the grounds and this is still a lovely day out and the house inside I can imagine is beautiful to see without House Style.


As I wandered through the house I was presented with coronation dresses in red velvet, custom-made Helmut Lang wedding dresses, the most delicate christening gowns, shoes with Elvis Presley printed on, giant green Galliano ball gown, too more unique items such as the 11th Duke of Devonshire printed jumpers. It was spectacular to see such fashion with a mix of personal items which shed light on the family.


It was like I had fallen into the most extravagant fancy dress box which I could only dream of owning!! My favorite pieces were embroidered, jeweled, and velvet! All pieces were paired beautifully with the room in which they were in and scenes were played out by mannequins having a party or afternoon tea in the outfits which I thought was a brilliant way to display all the fashion pieces. Even within the bedrooms laid silk pajamas and what I enjoyed also was seeing the most luxurious bedrooms with I think the largest headboards I have ever seen!!


I could spot the Gucci influences immediately (with them being my favorite brand ever)  with their iconic elements of snakes often appearing.

After being lost in my wardrobe dreams I was shaken back to reality as I stepped outside in my Topshop jeans and was almost blown away by the winds. It was now time to admire the stately home from the outside with the greens peaks in the background. The garden itself is 105 acres!! I think I only saw a tiny little part as I had to get the bus back to Nottingham but what I saw was beautiful, full of flowers! I grabbed a cup of tea, mainly to warm my hands, and wandered around for an hour or so, whilst also quickly nipping into their gift shop of course!!


Chatsworth House holds many exhibitions and I hear it is meant to be spectacular at Christmas so keep your eyes peeled here for future exhibitions.

I must admit I loved the House Style and I wish I could return and take others with me to see the beautiful designs of fashion through the centuries.

Until next time,


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