My First Month as a Masters Student

I am 1 month into my course now and I can’t believe how quick the time has gone. So much has happened within this short amount of time you would not believe and it is safe to say it has been a rollercoaster! I actually think my days are shortening somehow, I am unsure how but they are!

Where do I begin then?! I am going to start with my course in general and what I have been learning in my first month.

I expected to find a masters course intense and challenging because you have to fit so much content into only 1 year but I do not think I was expecting it to be this intense! I am a 10pm bedtime sort of person and I have had to push that back!! Which people who read this blog who are my friends will know this was unheard of!!

I think this has been one of the hardest challenges aha. Unlike my undergraduate degree, where I was in roughly 8 hours a week (which I struggled with then!), I am now in almost 21 hours a week. And even though this still is not a full working week, it has been a big jump up for me anyway! So my days are mostly spent in lectures and seminars.

First impressions though I am enjoying the course. Everyone, including the tutors, seems very nice and I have made some new friends! All my modules (perhaps 1 not included) are really interesting and full of interesting content. I love that I am learning something completely new and as a result, I am more keen to learn!

My modules;

  • Shorthand
  • Media Law and Ethics
  • Ethics and Communication
  • Magazine Journalism Skills and Production
  • Business of Magazines

In my very first lecture, I was given a long list of deadlines, which is extremely scary, and I have also had lots of little assignments in between! For example, we had a photography assignment using DSLR cameras, video interview assignment using the MOJO (mobile journalism) kits, a news article assignment and yesterday I received a B2B (business to business magazine) assignment to interview another journalist. So if you know anyone within the journalism industry feel free to comment or message me their details!


^ Part of our photopraphy assessment!

Recently, we also have had a guest lecturer, Rodney, from The Voice which is the only British national black newspaper operating in the UK. Being able to hear and ask about his experiences within the journalism industry was both scary and exciting, his energy and spirit about the industry really motivated me to get my bum into gear and get out there!! So ever since then I have been applying for work experience and buying lots of magazines (probably an unnecessary amount of magazines but after every lesson learning about magazines I feel inspired to go and read one!).

Now for a little general Inds update and university life itself!


Luckily I did not suffer too badly from summer blue but I think that was because I have had lots of ups and downs going on! But I do miss not having looming deadlines right in front of me, but once I get my head around these essays and exams I actually thrive on the pressure (I hope who knows I could do terribly).

I have settled nicely into my flat with Katie and especially now I have bought the coziest pjs after experiencing some very cold night sleeps. But we have had student nights out, cozy nights in watching Bake Off, and trips to the supermarket for our weekly shop. I have even been to the cinema to see two brilliant films, visited Chatsworth House with many more trips hopefully to come and been to York to visit Jessamyn!


So all in all, I am plodding along spending too much money on Costa Coffees, settling into my new routine as a Magazine Journalism masters student, and trying to keep my stress levels down

Until next time,


One thought on “My First Month as a Masters Student

  1. Absolutely love reading your blogs keep them coming and keep up the good work so nice to hear you are enjoying it .love Nan & Pops


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