Blogmas Day 1: Feeling Festive

It only felt like yesterday that I posted my final 12th day of blogmas last year and we are here again on the 1st December?! Where has this year gone? But we are finally back to my favorite time of year and I am feeling incredibly festive! From listening to Christmas song in October, watching at least 4 Christmas films, purchasing Christmas pudding slippers (I know amazing – Primark!), Christmas PJs and having one of the best advent calenders winking at me for the past month!!


So, today to start December off right me and Katie headed to Nottingham’s Winter Wonderland! If you remember last years Blogmas that was also my first post so I am making it a tradition.

I tell you what they have upped the Christmas market in Nottingham this year. It was already a cute little market but now they have a huge bar called Sur-La-Piste which was so warm and cozy, with songs playing and everyone chatting away. The upstairs level had big windows so it was also a brilliant spot for people watching all the people in the downstairs bar! One of my favorite past times if I do say so myself.



I had a Bailey’s hot chocolate and Katie had a mince pie whilst we sat chatting and signing away to some songs. We were just casually sitting there when we turned around and it was snowing! Full on snowing! The biggest snowflakes I think I have ever seen. This only added to our festive feeling and I am beyond excited now for Christmas and New Years!!



There is, even more, stalls than last year with even the addition of the Yorkshire pudding wrap! There was also, of course, my favorite stand, the fudge stand! So, there are so many little places to have a nibble as you wander around and even some stalls where you can goodies to give as gifts or maybe keep for yourself… It is Christmas you deserve treats too!


I just love a Christmas market and think it is the best way to get into the festive spirit and a lovely chance to get out with your loved ones and create some Christmas memories whilst taking advantage of having a few mulled wines and lots of sweet treats!

I can’t wait to share with you all again some fun festive blogs and I will be posting 12 blogs up until the 21st! I am also attempting video but I am not promising anything so we will see how that one goes! But after taking a break from blogging I am back with a bang and it is a big festive band!

Until next time,


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